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EVO 2023 SF6 – Schedule, Players, Prizepool, and more

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Evo 2023 is right around the corner, and with it comes the biggest SF6 tournament yet. Here you will find out everything you need to know about the competition.  

Evo 2023 SF6 Schedule

  The tournament will take place between the 4th and 6th of August 2023. More than 11000 people are headed to Las Vegas for a chance to make it to the top of the brackets against the most formidable opposition in the world.   Based on the schedules available at start.gg, pools will be played during the first 2 days, with the top 24 and top 6 being concluded on the final day of Evo 2023 SF6's tournament.  

Notable Players

  This tournament is by far the most stacked in Street Fighter 6's short lifespan. It is the first big international competition with true global representation. Red Bull Kumite 2023 came pretty close, but the Americas ended up being under-represented. Here at Evo 2023, SF6 is bringing the whole globe together:  

Evo 2023 SF6 Players(Image Via Liquipedia)

  The 60-player cap for notable players on Liquipedia is easily reached here. Americas bring a lot of people to the tournament, notably MenaRD, Caba and Punk who have been dominating the more regional competitions. Asia-Pacific is almost entirely Japan, with a lot of very hyped names finally making it to international tournaments in Street Fighter 6. Tokido has a lot to prove after a disappointing showing at Red Bull Kumite, Daigo and Kawano are playing their first international tournaments in SF6 and Kakeru is looking to maintain his domination (over everyone except for Big Bird's Marisa). EMEA is the region with the least number of players listed, but it should not be underestimated. Big Bird and AngryBird have been taking SF6 by storm, and Akainu keeps showing how much he needs to be feared. This is the first truly stacked tournament in Street Fighter 6.  

Evo 2023 SF6 Prizepool

  This year's Evo is levelling up Street Fighter's prize pool considerably. The tournament has $70,600 USD available for the taking, a massive 5x increase on last year's edition of Street Fighter V.  

SF6 Evo 2023(Image Via Liquipedia)

  The winner of Evo 2023's Street Fighter 6 tournament will head home with $20,000 USD and qualification to Capcom Cup X, which itself has an incredible prize pool of $2 Million USD.  

Broadcast Talent

  Evo 2023's SF6 tournament has a broadcast talent roster as stacked as its notable player list.  

Evo 2023 SF6(Image Via Liquipedia)

  All the names you could hope for are here, including notable absences from 2022's SFV edition like Tasty Steve.  

Evo 2023 SF6 format and rules


(Image via evo.gg)

  As has been the case with most SF6 tournaments, Evo 2023 will be played on PlayStation 5. The format is quite similar to the one spotted in other SF6 competitions but differs in a crucial way from SFV's Evo 2022. The top 8 is now the top 6, with the 2 bottom seeds directly facing the losers of the first upper-bracket matches. The upper bracket itself will be unchanged.
  Featured image via evo.gg. Photo taken by Robert Paul @tempusrob. If you enjoyed this article, keep an eye on Esportsheaven for more EVO 2023 SF6 coverage. We'll be following the tournament closely.

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