FaZe racing for the Grand Slam? | IEM Dallas

EsportsHeaven 2022-05-30 01:23:36
  Faze has just made history in a lot of different ways. Oldest Major winner in Karrigan, oldest Major MVP in Rain, first international roster to win a Major. They made the best player of all time look like a mere mortal and all five players showed incredible clutch-factor throughout the tournament.  What’s next then?  Twistzz is in a peculiar situation, for the best reasons possible. In 2019, he was part of the best North American roster of all time in Team Liquid. They were seemingly unstoppable, beating everything and everyone. They won the fastest Grand Slam ever, but their era was destroyed before it even began when they bombed at the Major and never managed to get their way versus Astralis.  Now, the Canadian star finds himself in a very good position to repeat what he did in 2019, but with a Major title to boot. Faze are exactly halfway to the Grand Slam, having won EPL S15 and Katowice. If they win IEM Dallas in a couple weeks and Cologne at the beginning of July, they will have won the Grand Slam with 4 tournament wins in a row, including Katowice and Cologne, the two most prestigious.  As said previously, Faze has already made history with this Major win, but an era isn’t built on a Major alone. If Karrigan is chasing greatness in the GOAT IGL race versus Gla1ve, a Faze era is the only way. Win Dallas. Win Cologne. Win the Grand Slam. Dominate the opposition and win ESL Rio while you’re at it.  PGL Major Antwerp 2022 is one hell of a trophy to have on your resume, but it is just the start on the road to greatness. Are Faze ready to race?
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