Former Overwatch Star Hesitant With Overwatch 2 Beta

EsportsHeaven 2022-03-15 04:00:34

Brandon "Seagull" Larned was once the face of Overwatch--and boy does he have something to say about Overwatch 2. Reigning as one of its biggest streamers, so much so that former professional players actually used his name as inspiration for their own handles, Seagull will forever be tied to Overwatch. And with the most recent news, he’s added his 2-cents to the community conversation. And in the age of the influencers, his word rests its head on the hearts of the community. However, nothing he said was inherently negative--just cautious.   While the Overwatch 2 beta update DOES provide novel content, the focus seems to be on consistent updates to keep interest high.  This fits the bill for a beta--but with such little news or information for so long, will the public see this as a “beta” or an “early release”?  Cautious optimism seems to be the name of the game for Seagull as he comments on a notion that has orbited around the community at large.  Former Houston Outlaws assistant coach Chris "Dream" Myrick has also chimed in on the matter as well, revealing his … less than stellar outlook on the beta. Even Overwatch reporter Sascha “Yiskaout” Heinisch has touched on this topic as well. Writing about how Overwatch 2, even as an idea, is entirely up for interpretation. Are we focused on PvE? Is the initial beta release a PvP release or the release of the entire game? Nothing seems cemented and everything around it feels subjective.  To the point where many are concerned that once the novelty factor wears off, many people will be upset at how little content they were initially given or at how slow the Overwatch team is taking to add to the beta.  Does the former Dallas Fuel star speak the truth? What really is Overwatch 2, is it that subjective? What even is the truth in the modern age?
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