Fusion Showcase Jersey Patch Dedicated To Alarm

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-18 01:26:24
V Overwatch will always remember Kyeong-bo "Alarm" Kim. One of the faces of the Philadelphia Fusion, since his days as an amateur player, Alarm was a Fusion fixture. His tragic passing late last year left a hole in the heart of the Overwatch League community--and the Fusion has stepped up in a big way.   Long time Fusion General Manage, Roston Yoo, recently highlighted a touching patch that the Philadelphia Fusion’s players will feature on their jerseys.  As 2020’s Rookie of the Year, Alarm will go down as one of the best supports to ever touch the game and it isn’t close. His ability to will plays into existence, his flexibility, his … everything. From his debut at the start of Overwatch’s competitive genesis, Alarm was there. From the start of the Overwatch League, Alarm was there--granted due to his age he wasn’t able to play.  And now we look at the Fusion’s jerseys we will all, collectively remember him. We will all remember you Alarm, now and forever.
  Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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