HiGhDrA on Stormgate: “I’m just really excited for tier 3 units and the third faction.”

Volamel 2024-03-06 07:29:01

You name an RTS, Davey "HiGhDrA" Smeekens probably has a tournament victory in it. Opening the year with two top-16 finishes in Zerospace and Stormgate, HiGhDrA is a wizard of the genre. HiGhDrA spoke with Esports Heaven on his recent Stormgate showing, how the game is progressing, and more!     We saw your match against Theory at the EGC Stormgate Open on Jagged Maw. Do you share in the hate of this map?  I think this map is the least figured out.  Everyone is trying their best to come up with the best strategy.  I do kind of hate it because in some cases it can be very RNG.  Especially fighting at the speed camp.  The player that hit the goats the first with Infest will get the Fiends.  Both of you opened with, what felt like, a fairly aggressive opener with early towers to begin jockeying for position on the creep camps. We also saw something similar in the match between Vortix and Elazer. Is this something you expect to see more of from Infernal players on other maps? Is this something you only think is viable in the Infernal mirror matchup or is this a style that Vanguard players can expect to see in the next beta? Yeah, unless they change the catapults.  I think expanding is not viable at all unless someone figures out a response to baiting the catapult somehow into Shroudstone range.  I think it's very hard for Vanguard players to play the map but it's not an instant win vs Vanguard because they don’t really need the Speed Camp. They can defend the Catapult Camps themselves opening something like fast Hornet or Lancers before expanding.     Speaking of maps, are you on the train of players hoping Frost Giant Studios experiments more with their maps for Stormgate or do you hope they keep things pretty standard? If you hope they experiment with maps, what do you think would be an interesting addition I would love some new Stormgate maps for sure. I think it would be cool to have different “Catapult” Camps where you take a chicken camp for example and have them move across the map.  As the beta continues on what do you hope to see changed for Stormgate? Any dream additions or changes you'd like to see implemented?  I’m just really excited for tier 3 units and 3rd faction. I feel like balance can be frustrating for both Vanguard and Infernal right now. As soon as we get all the units and everything implemented, we can start balancing the game properly.  But in my opinion, the game is very fun for the stage it's at.     Selfishly we've got to ask; what is one of the most frustrating things in Stormgate? It could range from maps to units, to how units move, what makes your blood boil about the game?  I’ll be honest, bugs are what annoys me the most.  Units that are able to get dropped outside the map, game crashes, and replays being only watchable at current patch.  Balance discussion aside for a moment; Highdra, we know you come from a background in other RTS like Starcraft 2, Zerospace and IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre. However, you're one of the best Stormgate players in the world at the moment. What does that feel like? It feels really good.  I’m getting a lot of motivation to play and having fun at the same time.  I really can’t wait to play more and see what the future holds. On social media you talk about continuing to "fight" and there is this hunger to compete. Do you feel like that's accurate? Where do you think that comes from and what are some of your goals for 2024? I’m talking about fighting because of the amount of stress and how competitive it is to play RTS games.  I still have a dream of winning a big tournament so in 2024 and in the coming years I will keep competing in RTS games and trying my best!  We've seen such a big return of development in the RTS genre, with so much experience as a player, are you happy to see more games being actively worked on? Is there one that you feel has the best chance to succeed? It's really nice that we have so many good RTS games coming up.  I love StarCraft 2 and StarCraft has been part of my childhood since I was 4 years old.  I think all of the ones I played so far have a good shot at succeeding.  
Images via Frost Giant Studios.

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