Houston Outlaws Announce Their 2022 Overwatch League Roster

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-13 04:00:06
  Whether your #TexasHard or #BrickedUp, the 2022 Houston Outlaws look impressive. With the league’s May 5th start date just under a month away, teams across the Overwatch League are beginning to lock in their rosters. Returning as the face of the franchise is NA ace, Dante "Danteh" Cruz. Who fans likely should not write off when thinking about these other two DPS prospects.  Coming off his Rookie of the Year performance, Se-hyun "Pelican" Oh is a huge addition that Outlaws fans should be incredibly excited about.  Coming into his own rookie debut is former O2 Blast and RunAway DPS player, Tae-min "MER1T" Choi.  As the sole tank, Houston seems confident that Min-jun "PIGGY " Shin can handle the job alone--which may draw some questions.  But what has fans across the board scratching their heads is the 2022 Outlaws support lineup. Both Jung-won "Lastro" Mun and Seung-hyun "Ir1s" Kim come in well prepared as each of them has played in the league previously. However, they operate in the same role. Not only does this roster has to try and adapt to Overwatch 2, but they also could be facing the possibility of having one of their supports roll swap?  This ON TOP of their fairly difficult opening week? Facing off against Toronto Defiant, Dallas Fuel and the Paris Eternal? We’re likely to see the Outlaws tested straight out of the gate. 
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