How Counter Mei In Overwatch 2

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Mei is the bane of every narrow, choke point-ridden map in Overwatch 2.  How many times have you pushed forward, been Ice Walled off from your team, and killed? Think it's all too common for players in Overwatch 2 to struggle with Mei's ability to alter the terrain.  The key to countering Mei is… Play Cassidy.     Jokes aside--Mei's biggest counter is map rotations and acceptance.  When you approach the objective and scout that the Mei is playing directly in front of the choke point, ask yourself; can you approach from a different angle?  The idea is that pushing through the choke will result in the Mei Ice Walling you and separating you from your team. However, if you spot the Mei waiting for you and you reposition and approach from an off angle, it makes it significantly more difficult to wall you out Now, another thing you could try is "accepting" that the Mei might just wall you out. So picking more vertically mobile heroes will give you the ability to dodge at least some of Mei's Ice Walls.     Mei can't be overlooked when listing the most UN-FUN heroes in Overwatch 2. If you're looking for something more direct to counter Mei, here are some of our hero recommendations.   


    Hanzo. He can climb walls. Mei provides them. Hanzo can one-shot Mei. Hanzo can scout through walls to see if Mei is GOING to separate you from your team.  Mobile heroes are a little difficult to play, but they do provide an immense amount of pressure on the enemy Mei. Tracer, Genji, and even a Sojourn in some cases going to bait out her Ice Wall or Ice Block. 
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Taking those cooldowns off the table hamstrings Mei before she even needs to be countered. If we really think about it, Mei is "most effective" at close range. Yes, her alt-fire does not have damage falloff but she's scarier up close. If you can out-range her with something like an Ashe counters Mei well. Being able to consistently pressure from range in a poke-esq composition limits Mei's ability to be a menace.   


    If you're a tank looking for a counter to Mei you want a tank that's mobile and self-sufficient. D.Va and Wrecking Ball should be your go to counters. Both don't completely flop if you do get Ice Walled. D.Va can fly back over the wall while Wrecking Ball can just Sonic the Hedgehog around and be fine.  Doomfist is a little more on the challenging side of things but certainly fits the bill. As long as you can approach from different angles you should be in the clear to dive the enemy supports and ignore the Mei.  Stay away from Reinhardt. He's too slow and is just a magnet for Ice Walls. Don't lock Reinhardt, please, save yourself. Junker Queen? Forget about her. Roadhog? No chance.  Both heroes just get bullied by Mei's Ice Wall and don't have enough mobility to threaten off angles.  Orisa on the other hand might be able to survive long enough on her own that you might be able to handshake trade some cooldowns, but it's going to be expensive on your end.   


  The general support matchup in Mei is a difficult one. Ana landing a big Biotic Grenade is going to, more often than not, force out some of the cooldowns from Mei. Stay away from supports that rely on line of sight. Ice Wall will physically block certain abilities from hitting.  Brigitte mains, Baptiste mains, Mercy? Nope. Straight to jail, do not pass Go.  Now, Lucio is an odd one. He can Speed Boost your team quickly through choke points to better avoid Ice Wall, but his ultimate might have a hard time landing because it does need line of sight to hit your allies. Zenyatta? Little too hard to make work. Discord Orb can be super valuable to pressure the enemy tank and "maybe" bait out an early Ice Wall. Depends on the Mei. 
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