How To Counter Brigitte in Overwatch 2

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Brigitte is back in the fold when it comes to Overwatch 2's metagame. With her recent changes to her Rally, Brigitte has seen a sudden surge in pick rate especially at the highest level of play.  Found yourself in a ranked match with Brigitte terrorizing the lobby? Here is how to counter Brigitte in Overwatch 2.     DPS   Range is the best counter to Brigitte. Heroes from Pharah to Widowmaker. Anyone that can outrange the Brigitte is going to thrive against her. 
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  Why? It is because Brigitte can't trigger her passive.  What we have to remember is that the majority of Brigitte's healing comes from her passive, Inspire.  If we can both pressure her, remove a target she can easily hit, and cause her to use a cooldown to keep up her Inspire healing, we're winning. Making it difficult or expensive to play Brigitte already gives you a leg up in countering her.  Heroes you should stay away from in Overwatch 2 when aiming to counter Brigitte are definitely most of the flanking heroes.  This has only gotten worse with the recent Brigitte rework. Being able to instantly grant herself 100 armor and a stun is an ultimate flanking heroes are going to have to track well or risk a costly death. Sombra really wants to be played into heroes that have a hard time spamming her out and spy-checking her. Brigitte not only can just swing to keep Sombra away, but breaking her line of sight stops her from hacking.  Tracer relies quite heavily on her mobility and her only defensive cooldown in Recall. If we as a Tracer player, spend Blinks to close a gap, get slapped around by a Brigitte, then have to Recall without finding much value? Obviously, that's no good.  Heroes that bring a high amount of sustained damage, like Ashe and Soldier: 76, also stress the enemy Brigitte out quite a lot. Spending all of her Repair Packs on keeping 3 or 4 different targets alive under the weight of one of these DPS just hosing them down.     Tank   Patience is key here when countering Brigitte as a tank.  Brigitte has a ton of displacement and a sneakily high amount of damage output. Knowing this picking heroes like Winston and Wrecking Ball into her are less than ideal.  Sigma has a strange love-hate relationship with Brigitte as well. Not only do they complement each other, but she can make playing him tricky.  It's not that you shouldn't pick Sigma, it's more so that you have to be very purposeful with your Accretion. Wasting it on a Brigitte shield is low value. However, so long as Sigma can poke from a range, you can swat her away fairly easily.  When learning to counter Brigitte, the key is about knowing when to commit. Let's say you're posturing your team for an fight and the Brigitte is just swinging away at you. This preemptively allows her to begin to heal any chip damage.  Knowing when to push forward and step into her space is the key to countering her as a tank.  Tank counters for Brigitte include Ramattra, Reinhardt, and D.Va.  Ramattra functions much like how we described Sigma should play.  Reinhardt already wants to be up close, so being able to punish and instantly cause Brigitte to expend resources early is valuable.  And D.Va has a great time handling her displacement with how low of a cooldown her boosters are.    Support   Ana is rarely bad when trying to shut down an enemy support. Blanketing her team with Biotic Grenade is an easy way to always put your team ahead.  However, against an enemy Brigitte, it's that much harder for them to recover those precious moments where they couldn't be healed, granting you a life lead.  Kiriko does a really nice job of not being harassed as much as other supports by Brigitte.  She can shift through walls and reposition quite quickly, her healing isn't affected by any type of displacement. Kiriko is a more safe pick into Brigitte.  Heroes that are highly positional like Lucio and Zenyatta are going to be picks to attempt to avoid. Detaching Lucio from a wall with a well-placed Whip Shot might as well be a death sentence and Zenyatta really needs to keep a strong line of sight on the entire fight. Being able to Whip Shot him into a corner or off high ground is really costly.  Want to ignore her completely outside of Rally? Moira is a super safe option if your team is in need of a throughput healer. Moira's pure healing alone might just win a healing-based war of attrition. 
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