How To Counter Cassidy In Overwatch 2

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Countering Cassidy in Overwatch 2 can feel daunting. Flanking him can be tricky, while his flanks can feel cheap and border on oppressive. Just racing Cassidy on the damage charts can be tough and it relies on the opponent not hitting their shots.  So how do you stop Cassidy?  Rest assured, silencing Overwatch's favourite cowboy is easier than you think. This is how we'd recommend you deal with a Cassidy in Overwatch 2.  

Counter Cassidy As DPS

  Typically Cassidy is an answer to more airborne threats like Pharah, but if you're looking for something similar Echo may be the pick for you.  Between Echo's rapid mobility and vertical nature, most of what Cassidy brings to the table can be mitigated.  If a Magnetic Grenade comes your way, your dash lends you a quick side step, while still keeping you in the fight.  Ashe and Widowmaker do well at countering Cassidy. While he may be more mobile, both Ashe and Widowmaker out range Overwatch 2's favourite cowboy. 
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  Even just their sheer presence will force Cassidy into rethinking his rotations. He can't just play selfishly with a Widowmaker scoped in on his face.  A well-played Ashe can easily outpace Cassidy's damage while still threatening Cassidy off ledges and high grounds.  Sombra and Genji in particular do a good job of facilitating their team in creating opportunities to cut out Cassidy.  One of the age-old ways to counter Cassidy has been to coordinate a dive between a flanking DPS and a more mobile tank.  However, since the June 13th patch, Cassidy's Magnetic Grenade now can stop movement skills.  This makes playing Tracer a bit more difficult and bumps other flanking picks like Genji and Sombra. Even without a teammate to rely on, Sombra and Genji both have high-commitment mobility skills and shouldn't feel super punished even if Magnetic Grenade lands.   

Counter Cassidy As Tank

    Sigma and Ramattra do a fantastic job at countering Cassidy.  There is nowhere that Cassidy can position that both tanks can't reach, both in terms of shielding and offensive pressure.  Both tanks can both force out and punish an ill-timed Combat Roll. Both tanks are solid in solo queue and in more coordinated environments.  And, both tanks can bully him further with their ultimates. Triple win all around.  Most of the more mobile cast in Overwatch counters Cassidy well Winston and D.Va both create opportunities for your DPS to pounce on him once his Combat Roll has been used.  This also ignores their own solo pressure, which Winston and D.Va can be a problem if Cassidy doesn't respect you. However, for both tanks, you're going to need to invest a bit more to protect yourself as you engage to block Magnetic Grenade. The last thing you want to do is fall short when leaping or boosting in.  If there is more of a flat map and Cassidy is becoming too much of a problem for your DPS to handle on their own, Orisa is your one-stop shop for all things bully. Is she unkillable? Yes.  Does she have displacement? Yes.  Can she just primary fire and walk at him? Yes.  If all else fails you and you just need a target shoved in a corner for the rest of your team to work, Orisa is the counter.   

Counter Cassidy As Support

  Brigitte gives you everything you need to counter Cassidy.  She can protect her more squishy teammates. She can displace Cassidy from a flank or high-ground position. She can even walk at him and Bash him while Rally is running.  Brigitte does a great job at countering Cassidy.  Just having Ana shuts down an avenue of attack for Cassidy's Deadeye.  If there is an Ana on the enemy team, Cassidy can't just channel Deadeye on a flank and peak out at the last second to try and snipe a few kills like he did in 2017.  People are way too good at hitting Sleep Dart, plus Ana is always a solid support pick.  Kiriko not only can cleanse Cassidy's Magnetic Grenade, but she can also participate in dive attempts with an ally. 
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