How To Counter Doomfist In Overwatch 2

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Doomfist might not be a DPS anymore but that doesn’t make him any less annoying. Looking for some advice on how to counter Doomfistin Overwatch 2? We’ve got you covered.   


  As a tank, we want to avoid the “plant your feet and hold a shield” type. Heroes like Reinhardt and Sigma are ones to avoid. Doomfist’s whole gimmick is to break positioning.  To counter the Doomfist we’re looking for tanks with crowd control or that can match his mobility. Wrecking Ball and Winston are great options to both chase Doomfist down or be able to counter-engage.  With her recent changes, Orisa isn’t an awful choice. Her Energy Javelin is an interesting option to counter the Doomfist as he Rocket Punches in, Javelin Spin and Fortify both serve as good counters to his back-line pressure. Take her as more of an intermediate choice on flat maps and narrow maps.  Sat next to them, you’ve got a little more unorthodox picks like Roadhog and Junker Queen. Both heroes have great options to solo influence a game and stymie the Doomfist’s ability rotation. This might be a little more difficult, approach with caution. 

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  Tracer is a wonderful option to counter Doomfist. She does a considerable amount of damage. She can chase him down once he escapes and he is an easy target to stick with Pulse Bomb. Tracer is a great counter to Doomfist in Overwatch 2.  Many Overwatch League teams will attempt to showcase why or how Sombra can be useful against Doomfist. However, with her Hack only shutting down Doomfist’s abilities for one second this is probably a little too hard to use on the ranked ladder or in quick play.  Realistically you’re looking at heroes with strong defensive options or ones that are highly mobile. Genji, Echo, Pharah all are squirrely enough to dodge around and maneuver into positions that limits Doomfist’s targets.  On the opposing end, heroes like Mei and Reaper also make difficult targets to engage into but need a bit more specific situations. Take these heroes on maps that are a little more flat and narrow--kind of like Orisa! Mei’s Cyro-Freeze and Ice Wall give you great tools to mark and counter the Doomfist, whereas Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns and Wraith Walk keep you safe against and offensive tricks.   


  Weirdly enough, support has some good options to counter Doomfist in Overwatch 2 - but there are some picks to avoid.  Zenyatta? No good. Too stationary and while Snap Kick can help, but any kind of follow-up puts Zenyatta in danger.  Baptiste is strong right now and can work, but generally, he needs correct positioning to find value. Think of Immortality Field, Amplification Matrix, everything! He needs his allies to be in a set area at a set time or he’s a glorified DPS. Doomfist makes that really hard Ana, once again, is queen here. Sleep Dart and offensive Biotec Grenades make it difficult for the enemy Doomfist to engage safely. Hitting any one of her abilities puts Doomfist in an awkward position. Hitting both nearly writes him off entirely.  Brigitte’s Whipshot is not something to sleep on either. While she can’t directly counter Doomfist in Overwatch 2, her displacement tools are great secondary options. Lucio included as well! While Doomfist is fantastic at disrupting if you’re able to disrupt him, you’re in the green.  Moira was great alongside a good Doomfist in Overwatch 2, but with her new Necrotic Orb, this makes her a safe counter as well. Landing a 75% damage reduction and having Fade as an answer to Doomfist’s engage options. 
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