How To Counter Genji In Overwatch 2

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  With how popular he has been throughout all of Overwatch, but especially in Overwatch 2, Genji can be a difficult flanking DPS to counter. However, with Overwatch 2’s recent patches, players all across the globe have a much easier time countering one of Overwatch's most prolific assassins.    


  With Overwatch 2’s removal of most of the crowd control in the game, the solution for DPS picks comes down to prioritizing heroes with a strong defensive cooldown and not tunnel visioning on necessarily countering Genji outright.  Picks like Mei not only allow you some way of cutting off flanking angles to assist your supports if need be, but with Mei’s ice block, you should be safe to play how you please.  Another upside of Mei is that her primary fire ignores one of Genji’s biggest defensive cooldowns in Deflect. Just be wary of right-clicking into him and you should be fine.  As more of an intermediate pick, Hanzo does a great job of scouting where the Genji is and where your team should be shifting their weight.  While Hanzo does need to keep a close eye on Genji’s Deflect cooldown, Hanzo’s mobility and overall damage pressure puts a timer on Genji’s ability to float around on the flanks.  One underrated hero to consider when countering Genji is Cassidy. Overwatch’s infamous gun-toting cowboy has had an interesting tweak that opens some windows for counter-play.  As of June’s beta patch, Cassidy now receives a staggering 50% damage reduction window for 0.4 seconds after using his roll. This allows Cassidy some low-health counterplay in the one-on-one, but this also makes the Genji consider Cassidy’s cooldowns a bit more. 
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  Tanks on the other hand are a bit more straightforward. If you find yourself in a lobby where a Genji is running rampant, prioritize crowd control. Sigma’s stun should paint a pretty clear picture. Your job is to threaten Genji with your stun, put your barrier in his face and walk him down if the need arises. Sigma alone can extinguish a hot Genji in Overwatch 2. Orisa should not be overlooked when trying to cut down Genji’s impact in Overwatch 2. Orisa carries some strong defensive tools and two ways of peeling for their supports.  If a Genji is consistently finding his way into your support line, and the map allows for it, Orisa is not a terrible pick.  While Winston is the exception to the crowd control rule, his mobility allows him to constantly mark the Genji and counter him in a very straightforward manner.  With Winston’s increased range with his new alternate fire in Overwatch 2 and being able to ignore Deflect, Overwatch’s favorite scientist should be considered when looking to counter Genji.   


  This may seem weird, maybe even heretical, but supports in Overwatch 2 have a myriad of tools to counter Genji.  As he currently stands, Zenyatta is a difficult support to dive for Genji. Snap Kick alone is enough to create some space for the omnic monk and stymie any flanking attempts.  In that time frame, a swift Discord Orb into pressure from your primary fire or even some assistance from your team should be able to swat away Genji’s pressure.  Placed next to someone like Lucio or Brigitte and their additional layer of displacement and you’ve got a bulletproof backline that counters Genji quite well.  Ana once again is fantastic. With access to some of the only crowd-control in the game, outside of the tank role, Ana is always going to be a high-value pick.  A pick that should be looked at with some high regard is Moira. Now with her Necrotic Orb able to not only deny Genji’s attempt to reset his dash, but she also now has a way to blunt his ultimate, Dragon Blade, as well. 
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