How To Counter Illari In Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2023-08-23 07:22:19

We've got the counters for Illari in Overwatch 2, no sunglasses required. Hero 38 has been a huge success in terms of design as she mixes support with a DPS flair. However, players the world over have been struggling to topple her oppressive damage. So, how do you counter Illari?  

Counter Illari As DPS

    As Illari wants to sit back and allow her Solar Rifle to charge, Reaper does quite well at closing the distance safely.  Once he gets in range he can either remove Illari's Healing Pylon or pressure her directly.  Either is extremely impactful.  Normally you'd want a flanking DPS to deal with a builder-type character like Illari.  The problem is that picks like Genji and Tracer are forced to spend resources to close the distance. Then they have to target the Healing Pylon before attempting to harass any other target.  Reaper's rather high burst damage at close range makes it difficult for an Illari to handle him on her own while also defending her Healing Pylon.  Solider: 76 not only is a great DPS choice at the moment thanks to his recent buffs, but he brings a much-needed tool to counter Illari.  Not only is he able to hold wider flanks thanks to his self sustain, but his Helix Rockets are exactly what you want to deal with Healing Pylon.  If 76 isn't your favourite, try Ashe on for size then. A well-placed Dynamite is going to soften up both Illari, her pylon, and hopefully her team, making her much easier to deal with.   

Counter Illari As Tank

    D.Va should be your go-to pick when trying to counter an Illari.  D.Va makes it extremely difficult for Illari to use her ultimate, Captive Sun, safely.  On top of that D.Va isn't going to be immediately swatted away if caught by the displacement of Outburst or Illari's inherently high damage.  Another way to handle Illari's Healing Pylon would be to have Orisa trade her Fortify for it.  With the added health bonus added from the August Patch, Orisa should be a good spearhead to charge in and take the fight to Illari.  Again, if your team can be proactive and get the Healing Pylon removed, she is much easier to deal with.  With that said more displacement focus tanks like Doomfist and Wrecking Ball cannot be ignored.  If Healing Pylon is as good as we think it is, moving Illari or teammates away from its range is going to be crucial.   

Counter As Support

  How To Counter Illari In Overwatch 2   Healing Pylon is an issue. One swift Ana Biotic Grenade and that issue is immediately dealt with.  The fact that you're able to create opportunities like that for your team is never going to be a bad thing. However, it would be wise to mind both your position and how close you are to the Illari. Her damage is nothing you want to plant your feet in front of and hope you win a trade.  For the nimble support main, Lucio is another pick that is going to be quite a good counter for Illari.  Again, the big cooldown we're focusing is on his Healing Pylon. So if you can limit how many targets it can heal by displacing them with Lucio, the better off you'll be.  Kiriko actually is also a good counter to Illari but for a different reason. Captive Sun applies a debuff that causes some serious explosion damage.  The fact that she not only can cleanse that debuff with Protection Suzu, but the fact that it actually heals for more now when you are cleansing an ally should not be understated. 
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