How To Counter Junker Queen In Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2022-07-20 08:00:28
  The Junker Queen has arrived. Overwatch’s newest cast member can and likely has caused some havoc in your quick play lobbies. Before she rips your face off, consider a few of these tips when looking to counter Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.    


  While Sigma has been seeing a lot of popularity lately, the issue with his matchup into Junker Queen is how quickly she can bypass his barrier. If that happens Sigma really begins to fall apart.  He is not someone with a myriad of strong defensive options and would love to keep his distance. With Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout, multiple targets can quickly find themselves barring down on Sigma. That alone sets him back a bit when looking for a counter for Junker Queen. Orisa and Wrecking Ball are the two best options for taking the queen off her throne, in our opinion. Orisa has multiple ways to hamstring Junker Queen as she tries to break your ranks. Energy Javelin not only is going to displace Junker Queen, but also give you a chance to stun her. As well, Javelin Spin gives you a tool for the moments where she does get a touch too close. Interrupting how much uptime and ground Commanding Shout makes for her team is key. Wrecking Ball, on the other hand, leans more on the displacing aspect of countering Junker Queen.  In a proactive sense, causing mayhem in the queen’s backline and punishing her long cooldown on Commanding Shout is a great way to pressure her team, but the real power of Wrecking Ball is in reacting to Junker Queen’s eventual push for space. When Junker Queen pops Commanding Shout, ideally you can grapple and knock her and her team back, denying any impact and putting the opposing team on the back foot.   


  With Junker Queen’s lack of answer to Ana’s Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart, she is an amazing choice to battle Overwatch’s newest hero. We also have to remember - most of Junker Queen’s defensive tools are healing through damage. Being able to shut Junker Queen’s Adrenaline Rush passive down is huge! Lucio and Brigitte are great as well but sit on opposing sides of the same coin. Again, we are aiming to deny Junker Queen’s impact during her Commanding Shout. So if Lucio is able to displace her before she's ready or if Brigitte can react with a well-timed Whip Shot?  You’re golden.  Moira sits as an untested and rather unorthodox option here to counter Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 - but one that can find a lot of value.  Being able to effectively shut off her damage capabilities on demand with Necrotic Orb is a massive win, but on top of that, Fade is a great defensive tool for when Junker Queen hooks you in.   


  Keys for DPS picks should follow both tanks and supports. We’re looking for strong defensive options for when and if you get hook but above all else; we are looking to displace Junker Queen. That said, Pharah is fantastic. Not only can Junker Queen not reach you, but you also have Concussive Blast - an ability that has recently been buffed. Peppering her team with the damage already puts Junker Queen on a timer, but beyond that being able to sway away engage attempts with Concussive Blast puts Pharah at the top of our list.
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Ashe is a sleeper pick that has been quite good for some time as well. Not only does Ashe prey on Junker Queen’s tendency to stack her team up together, but Coach Gun also can find some amazing value to deny Commanding Shout buffed blitz plays. While he doesn’t fit the mold we’ve laid out exactly, Reaper loves to get in close and plays right into Junker Queen’s style. Wraith Walk gives you a versatile tool to use if you happened to get hooked or need to dodge a Rampage.  However, more importantly, Reaper’s sheer offensive pressure is going to keep the queen honest; she doesn’t want to barrel into Reaper chunking her down at close range. 
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