How To Counter Junkrat In Overwatch 2

How To Counter Junkrat In Overwatch 2

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Get down! Blizzard just did a dumb and buffed Junkrat again? Yeah, we were worried about that. This happens a little too often for our liking leaving Quick Play and the ranked ladder a mess of people crying and looking for ways around Overwatch 2's not-so-loveable demolitionist.  Need a quick guide on how to counter Junkrat? Here are a few tips that might help.    

How to counter Junkrat in Overwatch 2

  DPS   Think of where Junkrat's effective range is. How far can you consistently count on Junkrat's grenades to land? Can you really snipe someone with a Concussion Mine? Junkrat really wants to play up close in Overwatch 2, or at worst, at a mid-range. If we account for this while thinking about how slow and arc-y his primary fire is, we get a general idea of how to counter Junkrat.  As a DPS in Overwatch 2, you act much more autonomously, fighting for space and marking the enemy DPS if the need arises. These traits paired together paints a clear counter for Junkrat.  We're looking for DPS that thrive at a distance and deal well with verticality.  Heroes like Pharah, Echo, Soldier: 76 and Sojourn are great picks when looking to counter Junkrat. Not only do they all remove a target from the table, but they have a reach advantage that Junkrat will struggle with on his own.  Pharah and Echo both are nearly impervious if you watch your spacing into the Junkrat. The only thing he can pressure you with is his Concussion Mine and remember; he only gets two! Soldier: 76 and Sojourn both thrive on high-ground positions which inherently Junkrat struggles with. On top of that, both picks are incredibly mobile and can maintain a safe distance from the enemy Junkrat.  DPS we'd recommend you try and avoid are more squishy targets that are going to be hindered by Junkrat's area denial tools. Picks like Tracer, Sombra, or Reaper tend to have to jump over a lot of hurdles to find their footing against a good Junkrat.
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Tank   Junkrat shoots projectiles. D.Va eats projectiles for breakfast. D.Va is a massive hard counter to Junkrat because she can smother him out with her Defense Matrix. D.Va is the go-to Junkrat killer for our money. Sigma and Ramattra do well enough as picks to counter Junkrat. Both can play from range, both have a small barrier to absorb some of Junkrat's pipes while also providing other means of mitigation, and both have a way to ground a more "air-born" Junkrat.  While tank heroes do get an inherent role passive that reduces their knockback, Reinhardt is probably not the play into Junkrat. The massive surface area of his shield is a magnet for Junkrat's grenades and Concussion Mine juggles you out of position more often than not. The amount of times you'll miss an opportune Charge target because mid-animation the enemy Junkrat will bounce you with a mine is fairly high.  How to counter Junkrat in Overwatch 2

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Support   Supports feel more tailored at dealing with Junkrat's ultimate, Rip Tire. In this way, we'd suggest heroes like Kiriko, Baptiste and Lucio if you're worried that Junkrat might get too much value.  Kiriko's Protection Suzu is a cure-all when it comes to anything that contains burst damage in Overwatch 2. See a teammate about to get naded? Suzu them. Incoming Rip Tire. Use suzu. Someone was Steel Trapped?  You get the idea. In a similar way, Baptiste's Immortality Field can act like a mini-version of Kiriko's signature ability.  Lucio comes at the Junkrat problem with a much more creative lens. Yes, Sound Barrier does counter Rip Tire, but Lucio provides a tool for your team to call upon if Junkrat does lodge himself on a high-ground position.  These can be particularly tricky to deal with, but with a sly Lucio player, a quick boop to the low ground either nets you an easy target or baits out recourses from the enemy Junkrat. Now you can find the better answer to the question: How to counter Junkrat in Overwatch 2
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