How To Counter Reinhardt in Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2023-05-15 12:36:09

He might not be on the logo, but Reinhardt is one of the quintessential Overwatch 2 heroes. His slow march forward with his gigantic shield. Dealing with his Firestrikes and frequent charges. Reinhardt is Overwatch. With the volume of Reinhardt that the ranked ladder sees, we know you've had lobbies where he just takes over games. So how do you counter Reinhardt?  One concept that is often lost is the idea that if Reinhardt is shielding he can't be charging and vice versa. This means that when either happens we have some pretty clear blueprints.  If you're playing into a fairly defensive Reinhardt, pressuring his shield is never a poor play. If you can crack the shield, this is going to cut down on how much space the Reinhardt can take. If you've drawn a charge-happy Reinhardt, take advantage of the fact that his teammates will be left unprotected. Also, remember that once Reinhardt begins his Charge animation, he is locked in it for quite a few frames.  Yes, in Overwatch 2, Reinhardt can cancel his charge preemptively, but those initial frames are still punishable.  As for heroes, here are some go-to picks to counter Reinhardt before he ruins your ranked climb.      DPS   Junkrat not only was recently buffed with the Map 9th patch but he's one of the easiest ways DPS can displace a Reinhardt. Concussion Mine paired with any kind of high ground makes it super difficult for Reinhardt to cover his team. If you're a DPS looking to counter Reinhardt, Junkrat is someone to consider.  On that same note, Pharah is also a great counter. Concussion Blast to displace the Reinhardt, the range you get to fire over his shield, it all comes together. So long as the map allows for it, Pharah can be the catalyst. Mei on maps that feature more narrow choke points can be a Reinhardt's worst nightmare. A well-placed Ice Wall to cut his retreat path off and removals the possibility of him getting support.    Tank   Seeing how Reinhardt is immobile, heroes like Doomfist, D.Va and Winston do wonders when looking to counter him.  D.Va is a strong defensive option for more vertical maps. With access to consistent mobility and one of the best defensive abilities in the game in Defence Matrix, D.Va can do it all. If you're looking to counter Reinhardt, try and pick her on maps that will allow her to gain a height advantage over the Reinhardt. This way your Micro Missles do maximum damage.  Winston is a safe option on most maps, but we'd recommend getting comfortable with his alternate fire. This will allow you to assist in poking prior to the Reinhardt's engagement.  Doomfist is a no-brainer when aiming to counter the Reinhardt, so long as you approach from the side. If you run Doomfist headlong into Reinhardt, you run the risk of your punch being parried by Reinhardt's charge.  This will ultimately punish the Doomfist player and run the risk of getting picked off early. Instead, try and approach from a flanking angle. This will give you better access to the backline and a better opportunity to displace the Reinhardt away from his team with Rocket Punch.    Support   Ana is an easy counter for a hard-carry Reinhardt. Not only do you gain access to instantly cutting off Reinhardt from any kind of healing, but Sleep Dart makes it impossible for him to charge off cooldown.  Lucio, much like his DPS counterparts, thrives when you need to counter Reinhardt. As long as you can get above him, booping him to the side will give your team a big window to catch some kills.  Zenyatta isn't a terrible choice on maps that feature some strong defensive high grounds. Landing a Discord Orb on the Reinhardt before he shields keeps him honest. We'd definitely recommend Zenyatta on Escort maps like Circuit Royal and Shambali Monastery. 
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