How To Counter Roadhog In Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2022-12-07 01:00:14

We all agree, Roadhog is the king of solo queue, right? We've all had the enemy team insta-lock Overwatch 2's walking, talking hook machine. So how do you counter Roadhog in Overwatch 2? It's actually a bit easier than you think.     First things first, we have to understand what makes Roadhog tick. With the ability to create a seemingly constant flow of early picks with Chain Hook, Roadhog makes a great tank to carry games with. Pair that with a strong defensive option in Take A Breather and you don't even need an ultimate to understand how much havoc he and cause. However, there are plenty of options to stop him.  DPS Looking for a DPS pick with strong defensive cooldowns, flexibility, and the ability to shred a Roadhog? Reaper should be your go-to.  Wraith Form being able to answer an incoming Hook, Shadow Step to trade if Roadhog plays too much on the flank, not to mention the damage with how big of a hitbox Roadhog has! Reaper is a great counter into Roadhog.  Another answer to Roadhog is Tracer. Are you playing on a knife's edge? Yes, but the risk is well worth the award.  With how mobile Tracer is, you should feel free to play fairly aggressively even with Chain Hook available. Plus, you get a target to farm your Pulse Bomb which ends up being the key with Tracer. You're not "killing" the Roadhog, you're building your ultimate and eliminating their weaker targets.  Sojourn is not for everyone, but she's quite good at dealing with a team that has Roadhog on it. Much like other picks, you're building resources to deal with the other pieces of the team, thus tackling the Roadhog by proxy.  Being able to have your railgun charged fully at all times and the ability to reposition if the Roadhog ends up closing the distance is a heaven-send. With nothing to mitigate Sojourn's lethality, she makes a choice to hamstring a Roadhog.  Tanks For tank heroes, there are a few really strong choices. Orisa is likely the best at the moment to counter Roadhog. The game script is simple; when Roadhog uses Take A Breather, you spear him. It's that simple. Orisa is an absolute juggernaut right now and feels unkillable, so don't be afraid to sit and trade some shots with him.  Zarya feels like a no-brainer when aiming to counter Roadhog. If we agree that Roadhog's main selling point is his Chain Hook, denying it with Zarya's Projected Barrier is a quick solution.  However, the key is about playing much more conservatively so you don't burn through all of your bubble charges. Stick to your corners, turn down the tempo, and keep a bubble in your back pocket for his Chain Hook.  You want to avoid cooldown-based tanks at all costs. Doomfist may be able to dive in and harass the enemy backline but if your abilities are interrupted, you're in trouble. Having Seismic Slam or Rocket Punch be stonewalled by the enemy Roadhog's Chain Hook means you are both out of position and lacking impact. Alongside Doomfist, Winston also follows suit in a similar way. Not only is he under threat as a very cooldown-reliant tank, but because of his large hitbox, Winston falls prey to Roadhog's Scrap Gun. Support Surprising absolutely no one, if you play support, Kiriko is great if you're trying to counter Roadhog. Protection Suzu clears his Chain Hook easily. On top of that, without any way to mitigate damage for his team or even himself, Kiriko farms ultimate charge against a Roadhog. Having more Kitsune Rushs is always a good thing.  Without anything to deter her, Ana is a fantastic choice as she nearly always is. No shield for the enemy means that both Biotec Grenade and Sleep Dart have a higher chance to land. On top of that, both abilities are super effective against Roadhog as well. Sleep him out of Chain Hook? Anti-healing against Take A Breather? Yes, please.  Baptiste can be an interesting choice but is not for the faint of heart. Immortality Field becomes incredibly important and how you end up using it really dictates how your team is going to fair.  If the enemy forces it out before the Roadhog Chain Hooks, he can pull them out and kill them. However, inversely, if he Hooks before your Immortality Field is used, you can toss it to try and save your teammate. 
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