How To Counter Wrecking Ball In Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2022-07-23 02:00:13

Since his inception, Wrecking Ball has been a terrorizing tank in Overwatch, which has not changed in Overwatch 2. Looking for a way to shut down Overwatch’s rolling thunder? Need some advice on how to counter Wrecking Ball? We’ve got you covered.     TANK   As a tank, Wrecking Ball operates as the de facto choice for displacement. That means we’re aiming to avoid heroes that are too positionally focused. Heroes like Reinhardt or Zarya are ones to avoid. Once moved, Reinhardt’s team is left naked and in a similar way, if Zarya isn’t able to actually target her allies, they look at their offensive abilities.  That said, Orisa serves as a great antithesis to Wrecking Ball’s antics. Fortify denies Wrecking Ball’s ability to move Orisa around, Energy Javelin is a great stop-gap during Wrecking Ball’s Pile Driver, and Javelin Spin can be the last-minute shove to wat him away. Nearly everything, outside of her ultimate, is wonderful at countering Wrecking Ball as long as you are mindful that your resources are tied in dealing with him.  However, if you’re looking for something a little more team-centric, Sigma bends the rules but isn’t terrible. Accretion is the key here to actually stunning Wrecking Ball and hamstringing him within that window. That said, he also does fall apart when you're throttled around and off high ground positions. Proceed with caution with Sigma when aiming to counter Wrecking Ball, or try and apply another one of these heroes alongside him.    DPS   Tracer is the queen at soft-countering Overwatch’s favourite hamster. Tracer isn’t going to be able to be displaced, is too slippery to consistently Pile Drive and just, in general, is a menace to handle as a Wrecking Ball. Her mobility also serves as a great way to chase a retreating Wrecking Ball, after burning his Adaptive Shield, to remove him off the table.  While Sombra has changed quite a bit in Overwatch 2, the ability to remove Wrecking Ball’s momentum and interrupt his cooldown rotation is invaluable in countering him. Wrecking Ball needs a minor amount of acceleration to actually displace people and often times he’ll be flying around above or around objects - this makes for a very easy target to Hack. Landing a well-timed Hack as Sombra, not only counters Wrecking Ball but could make for some elegant environmental kills.  Ashe is a tougher call to make but does have the utility to be quite good. Ashe is going to want to anchor a position and Wrecking Ball is the king at disruption and displacement so while he has that going for him, Ashe does have her own tools. Coach Gun to deny a rolling hamster of death or shoving away a Pile Driver mid-cast, is something that can open a window for punishment. This is more of an intermediate    SUPPORT   Ana is never bad. Being able to land a clutch Sleep Dart or Biotic Grenade as he is Pile Driving would provide immense value, on top of being able to Nano Boost an ally - which is never a bad thing. Overwatch 2’s move to 5v5 has mostly removed many of the ways that Ana was mitigated. That said, Ana is nearly never a bad choice to counter almost anyone in Overwatch 2.  Moira makes a load of sense here as well with her recent change. With Enfeebling Orb’s 75% damage reduction and Wrecking Ball’s rather “big” hitbox, you can see how quickly you can counter Wrecking Ball. On top of that, you have a tremendous defensive cooldown with Fade and have a great target to build your healing energy from, so long as you track the Wrecking Ball well. With Overwatch 2’s general removal of crowd control, folks are generally sleeping on Brigitte. Being able to Whip Shot an incoming Wrecking Ball, consistently keep up Inspire on a target that thrives in being close range, and also having a target to shove away with Sheild Bash, Brigitte’s kit plays extremely well and generally does counter Wrecking Ball. Yes, Overwatch 2 has changed her - but the concepts still hold true for her, mind you, this is a little more positionally focused and quite static. Brigitte isn’t for everyone obviously but if you’re looking for something to pump the brakes on Overwatch 2’s variant of Wrecking Ball, Brigitte isn’t a terrible choice.   
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