Humanoid discusses his team’s imporvement, his champion pool, and how he ranks in Europe

Oddball 2021-06-23 12:30:37
What was it like finally able to play against ShowMaker? Was anything different about his playstyle compared to someone like Perkz or Caps? I mean, I don't think there's really that much of a difference in play style. I would just say that he is a bit better at the game overall, then like European players. I don't think you could say that he just plays the game in a different way. So yeah, I would say it's just a tiny bit better than others. The fact your team brought DWG KIA to five games—you playing against the best player in the world someone many consider to be the best player in the world—what was the like for you? How did you feel at the end of that matchup? I mean, I wouldn't say that I played that well in that series. I think I had a pretty bad day. Overall. But yeah, I mean, we were scrimming them a lot throughout the whole MSI. I think, maybe the most at any team...or maybe RNG. I'm not sure. And, yeah, I mean, I think he's not like, it's not like that super insane, he's gonna stump everyone, but he's for sure, like, really good. What about Cryin? How did he compare with ShowMaker? I mean, he's also, for sure really good. I would say he's a bit. He's a bit worse than ShowMaker. But, yeah, he's at the top, you know, like with these top players. You know, it just depends day by day, one day, someone may play better than the other the other day, you know, it might change. So yeah, like, both are a bit insane at the game.  When I’ve talked with some of your other teammates, they’ve told me your team is still conserving your energy to prepare for playoffs? Even still, at your peak, where do you rank yourself with European midlaners? Who do you think your biggest competition is? I think at my peak, it's top two for sure. I think the only other really good player is Caps. So yeah, I would say it's top two. I’d say the biggest thing that makes you a unique mid laner is how you’re always willing to experiment in the game. You used Everfrost Ahri, tried out a lot AD mid laners. Is that your philosophy in the game? Do you think a mid laner needs to innovate in order to be the best? I mean, I think it's mostly because I just get bored if I have to play the same champions over and over. So then I just try to play something else, and see if it works. And most of the time, when I try these, like random picks, it's usually like, in the middle of the season, or something where like, it doesn't really matter if the champion is bad, you're just gonna lose one game. And in playoffs, I usually play like the more meta champions. And if I find some champion that I think it's actually like, really insane. And it's awesome that I can pull it out in playoffs. But like, I'm not gonna, like first-time random champions there. I think at the start of last split, most would consider you easily the best player on your team, but since then a lot of your teammates have come into their own. Elyoya looks strong, Carzzy has shown he can carry. Has that affected your playstyle at all? I think the only difference is that at the start I had to carry and this time, like now, I don't have to carry and we can still win. So that's just good to know that you don't have to be like 50 CS ahead in mid lane to win. I can be even then we can still win. So it's just...that's the only difference. I don't think I have to play in any different way. Let’s talk about Elyoya. How does he compare as a jungler to others you’ve played with in the past? What is it like working with him specifically in the mid lane? I think Elyoya's someone who controls the team in the early game. So other than, like, the lane's calling the jungler. I think in the last two years, it was more of the lanes calling the jungle. And the difference between Elyoya is just...he says what's gonna happen, you know, instead of you calling him. And I think that's a really good thing, because in my opinion, junglers should control the early game, because they are the ones that can make the most things happen. He's been praised in the past as a very vocal player. How does Elyoya contribute to the team out-of-game? Yeah, he's for sure someone who talks a lot in reviews, and tries to share his thoughts. He's not just like, sitting in the reviews and following what someone else is saying. He's actually like, trying to contribute. What do you think the biggest things you need to work on this split on an individual level are? I think, right now, I just need to...towards the end, I just need to play the game more and focus a bit more on myself. Because, I mean, I don't think I'm, I don't think I'm at my peak right now. But I also don't really want to be at my peak right now. I want to be at my peak towards the playoffs. So I think me and probably, like, most of us are taking the stat a bit more lightly. Because we've been playing basically nonstop from January with like, week and a half break at home. And it was also Corona the whole time, so you couldn't really go out anywhere. So it's just playing the game for half a year straight, which can get kinda boring. I think it's really hard to play at your top level for so long. So I'm just gonna try to play it my top level towards the end. What do you think the biggest things MAD as a whole needs to work on this split as far as in-game? I think we need to work on figuring out meta right now because it changed a lot from from Spring Split, especially with the jungle changes. I don't think we really figured it out yet. We don't even have that much time to to practice. So that's our biggest weakness right now, I think is that we don't really know what's good and what's bad.
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