iAsonu, XiGua, MacSed, andJim Qualify for WCS Premiere

ploguidic3 2015-01-14 04:20:14

Zhou "iAsonu" Hang and Cao "Jim" Jinhui, Wang "XiGua" Lei, and Hu "MacSed" Xiang have qualified for WCS Premiere beating out their Challenger opponents. 

It is no surprise that Jim has qualified, he is consistently one of the best players within the Chinese scene, and has also found success outside of the isolated region that he lives in. MacSed and XiGua have both also found considerable success outside of China competing in earlier WCS America tournaments, but iAsonu is perhaps more surprising to those that do not follow the Chinese scene but those that do are well aware of iAsonu's accomplishments, having taken 2nd in both the 2014 G-League and the 2014 National Electronic Sports Tournament.


If you missed it be sure to catch the VODs here and be sure to follow our Twitch channel eSportshtv so you catch all of our broadcasts, including the upcoming finals to the Golden Professional League.


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