iG Emo and Super interview translation

Volamel 2021-09-14 06:53:41
  iG.Emo & super interview translation from Invictus Gaming’s social media. Take a look at what Emo and Super have to say in this short interview. Translated by Arthur Leon Q : What is the target for this TI? Emo : Win it all and return home to be a farmer.  super : There’s only one aim in every tournament we play, and that is to be the champion!  Q : Most satisfying and least satisfying part of patch 7.30. Emo : There are some buffs on the weaker Mid lane heroes previously, least satisfying is the fact that there are no changes or updates in terms of game play.  super : Satisfying part is that there are changes on the stagnant heroes, be it the nerfs on stronger heroes or buffs on weaker heroes that allowed them to be picked again. Unsatisfying part is that there are still many heroes that are unplayable, and I think adjustment on this is not as strong. Q : What’s the origin of your IGN? Emo : This was Meracle’s favorite phrase when I played with him, I missed him a lot after he left so I took this as my IGN. (They used to play together in IG.V back in 2018) super : My IGN is just easy, it’s a homonym of my Chinese name, so I’ve been using this from the beginning. Q : Tell us your weakest hero in your own roles, and who do you think is the best player of this hero?  Emo : My weakest hero should be Dragon Knight, and I think Somnus is the best Dragon Knight player.  super : When I was still a professional player, I think Keeper of The Light was my weakest hero. When I was a player, I thought GH was the best player for this hero.  Q : Your mentality looks pretty good on stream, do you have any moment where you would break down or tilt? What do you care about? Emo : I think breaking down or tilting are pretty normal. I think I care about the result of the game a lot.  Q : If you didn’t have any pressure in life, what would be your ideal life? Emo : I’m not sure, I’m still slowly exploring. Q : As the only 80s in the team, are there any gaps with your teammates? super : There should be some in terms of our age gap, since there will be some differences in our mindset when we reach a certain age. However, I’ve been through what they’re going through right now, so I don’t think there are gaps, I do understand them. Q : Are there any moments in the boot camp where you would think that there is a gap with your players? super : Well, it’s really nice that one can be playing professionally without any worries.  Q : You’ve been a player, and now a coach. What do you think are the differences in the required qualities in both roles? super : As a player, requirement on personal skill is higher, and you only have to focus on things that fall under your role. As a coach, you’ll have to take care about things that are related to the entire team, and not just about the game. And I think this is the main difference between the two roles.  Q : Do you think a great coach has to also be a great player? super : I don’t think that’s exactly the case. I’ve learned about many coaches from traditional sports like  for example football, many of the coaches are more Academy-related, many of them were not even a professional player, but they could still be great coaches.
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