Is Orisa A MUST PICK NOW? Exploring The Orisa Rework

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-23 04:00:49
  Have you SEEN this!? Orisa is no longer boring, yall! Now that the Overwatch 2 embargo has lifted more details are coming out around Orisa brand new rework and she genuinely looks so much fun to play. Instead of planting your shield and just Halting people into oblivion, Orisa in Overwatch 2 is going into for some kills.    Energy Javelin is a skillshot that launches the target back and stuns them, but does more if pushed into a wall (think Doomfist on this one).  Javelin Spin makes Orisa run faster while also blocking shots and pushing enemies out of the way.  And Terra Surge is like a giant AoE that increases in damage the longer its channeled.     One small change that should seriously impact how we view Orisa is how her new Fusion Driver works. Unlimited Ammo and now the projectiles fire faster, but they decrease in size the farther they travel. This really means all you Orisa mains are going to have a BLAST flinging spears and charging in headlong.  Grab a Lucio pocket and prepare that W key, Orisa could easily run it down on some fools once the beta is set live. 
  Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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