Is Yuumi finally gone?

Mush 2023-02-02 06:40:01
  The magical cat that quickly became the most hated champion in League of Legends has been finally targeted by the dreaded nerf-hammer. Is Yuumi no longer a viable pick? Well, according to former LCS caster turned game-designer Phreak, the design team asked him to spare no sympathies for the Yuumi mains out there.

Riot wants Yuumi gone from pro-play

  "You need to be highly confident she is removed from pro-play, we are okay with her being in a bad spot in Solo Queue."
This is what Phreak was told by the design team regarding the Yuumi nerfs that he had a part in coming up with. Don't rejoice yet, though, Riot isn't just nerfing the cat to the point of being objectively bad for the foreseen future. A mid-scope update seems to be pretty much confirmed now, as was mentioned in a /dev post from Riot themselves. The champion completely missed the mark that the devs intented to hit. It is indeed a very easy character to control. Yet, her opressiveness in lane and even in later game teamfights with the full-AP build, turned her into a pro-play staple that very few like to watch, and seemingly no one likes to play against. The problematic feline suffered some massive nerfs in this latest patch, but Phreak doesn't believe she will be in a rough spot, especially in lower-elo. Yuumi These nerfs absolutely gut Yuumi's laning-phase power, but as Phreak rightly points out, lower-elo players didn't use the parts of her kit that were targeted in this patch. It is unlikely that Yuumi will be gone from your solo queue games, but hopefully Riot's design team succeeded in their goal of having her entirely removed from pro-play. Let's see if the midscope update can be miraculous to the point of turning the general feeling the LoL community has towards the champion. What do you think? Are the days of Zeri-Yuumi finally over?
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