PGL Arlington Major 2022

James Banks talks about PGL Arlington Major 2022

EsportsHeaven 2022-08-04 01:16:23
  PGL Arlington Major 2022 kicks off in less than two hours and James Banks, the charismatic esports personality, has a few words of wisdom to share. He was surprised to receive an offer to work at the PGL Arlington Major 2022.
Honestly, when I got asked to do the DOTA2 Major, I was surprised. I have said many times I wanted to work more DOTA2 events but I knew I only got the chance before because of the pandemic and fewer people were able to come to the events.
Not being able to contain his excitement to host a Dota 2 event, that too a Major, James Banks drew a comparison with the fun he had working the Stockholm CSGO Major.
Getting to a Major to come back to is amazing, I’m back as the stage host which I’ve really come to love since the Stockholm Major in CS:GO and I’m excited to see how the DOTA2 crowd will react!
Everybody that knows James is aware of his eternal love for NAVI. But don't worry, he is also rooting for other teams, especially the ones playing with stand-ins.
Teams I’m looking forward to see at the event…well, you know me…NAVI is love, NAVI is life as always for me but some of the other teams I’m excited to watch are OG for obvious reasons and Fnatic just because of the fact they got subs and it will be interesting to see if they can make anything work.
Lastly, James Banks is all praise for the Dota 2 talents working the PGL Arlington Major 2022. He looks forward to working with new talent and is eager to work again with a few he already knows.
Working with the DOTA talent and so many people I haven’t worked with before will be great. I know some of the talent from my past WePlay events, I’m super excited about working with Lizzard and Lacoste again, I had a lot of fun with them last time. Slacks is an absolute legend, so naturally talented and funny so I know making content with him is gonna to be epic. Finally actually working with Gareth after knowing him for so long is going to be dope as well!
The PGL Arlington Major 2022 starts in less than two hours. Are you ready? James Banks certainly is.
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