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Jaws: “My main goal is to make it into the Overwatch League as a caster or move to Korea and cast Overwatch from there”

Volamel 2018-11-08 06:47:45
  Contenders talent had their time to shine during the Overwatch World Cup, most notably from the United Kingdom. Looked over by the community the UK World Cup team defeated Team USA 3-1, they took South Korea to game five and had an amazing third-place match against Canada. European Overwatch Contenders commentator, Jack "Jaws" Wright, weighed in his experience at BlizzCon and his thoughts around the upcoming third season of Overwatch Contenders Europe. ______ First, how has your BlizzCon been? What has the experience been like? BlizzCon was incredible, I have never been to a Con that has this many of my favorite games being played competitively. I have always love World of Warcraft Arenas, so seeing that live was amazing. Along with the MDI! I, of course, spent most of my time watching the World Cup, but getting the chance to watching with friends I don’t see often at all was so awesome as well! There is no way I am not returning next year! BlizzCon marks the height of the Blizzard news cycle and this year was no different. What are your first impressions on hero 29, Ashe? Ashe looks seriously fun to play, I am not sure how the Overwatch team keep making heroes that: 1, look so much fun and 2, have incredibly unique kits. On a more competitive note, I think adding another hero that requires aim and a lot of mechanical skill is very good for the game. It means pros can show off their aim and look good on the big stage and I can kill the plebs that can’t aim! Many people were not expecting the UK to do as well as they did, do you feel vindicated in a sense? I guess I do feel slightly vindicated. I am very happy that people are finally getting to see EU Contenders players showing up on stage like I have been seeing for the past two seasons. I think the performance will not only bring attention from the region from more scouts, but also from more casual viewers! What did it feel like to have the UK World Cup team upset Team USA? I was so happy that a bunch of Contenders players was able to beat Overwatch League players. That was the most satisfying feeling honestly, again proving that a lot of these players needed to be picked up! Fusions being one of them! Just as a side note, I do normally support South Korea in the Overwatch World Cup! As someone who has cast for both LoL and Overwatch, what has been the biggest change for you in regards to your commentary? It is a lot more fast paced and you really have to control the pace of the cast more as a play by play. Thinking 2-3 steps ahead on how the game could play out so you know when you can give your color the space to work with! Harry and I have personally worked on a style of casting where we both get to input a lot of knowledge into the cast. Many of the teams you’ve cast in Contenders EU will be on display at the Angry Cup. Is there any storyline that we should be following I have not looked to much into the tournament as I have been at Blizzcon and won’t be casting. But I think one thing people should be looking out for, would be how well Hurricane do with their new main tank and flex support will do. I am personally excited to see how well Orgless and Hungry will do with Wayfast of the team now as well! Any Contenders team you're looking forward to seeing next season? We haven’t received all the roster lists yet however, roster lock is pretty soon! But I feel One.PoinT could be the team to beat this season coming. Adding in three French beasts to the roster, GetAmazed, Hqrdest, and SuperPlouk, is an amazing start. I am not sure how a team is really going to face up against a tank line like that. I am VERY surprised not to see Hqrdest picked up by an Overwatch League team already. As a European caster, what's your take on the Paris Overwatch League team thus far? This is something I have talked to Reinforce about in a video we made. A scary team on paper with some of the best coaching staff you could have picked up in EU. I think the only issue with the roster currently, without seeing or hearing about their practice, is the leadership role. Are we going to see Kruise step up and be the leader that the team needs even though he has no Overwatch League experience, and will the team be able to follow that? For your career, what is the end goal? Do you see yourself casting other games in the future? My career goal honestly changes a lot, which I think it should. Currently, my main goal is to make it into the Overwatch League as a caster or move to Korea and cast Overwatch from there. As for other games, if there is a world where Overwatch for some reason does not work out for me, I would be open to casting other games again. Although, as you can imagine, I am pushing for my current goal of casting Overwatch League! It’s been working out since I started casting Overwatch on release, so I will be carry on grinding! _____ Joseph “Volamel” Franco has followed esports since the MLGs of 2006. He started out primarily following Starcraft 2, Halo 3, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. He has transitioned from viewer to journalist and writes freelance primarily about Overwatch and League of Legends. If you would to follow his thoughts you can follow him at @Volamel. Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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