Latest WoW: The War Within update brings puzzling Mythic+ Affix changes

EsportsHeaven 2024-06-11 12:24:06
  The latest World of WarCraft: The War Within update brings puzzling Mythic+ Affix changes. While many are happy that they are trying new things and bringing positive effects, the direction leaves a lot to be desired to many within the community. One of the largest concerns the community holds is the tedium that each affix brings to the table. In fact, some of the least popular affixes are staying around. While this is news arriving before the release of the expansion, the changes are all but locked in. While many of the recent changes to the mythic keystone have been met with near universal appraisal, affix decisions from Blizzard continue to not quite hit the mark, with many groaning as they see each weekly affix rotation rather than finding something exciting about it. Time will tell how Blizzard interprets community feedback and implements it heading into The War Within Season 1.

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