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LCK Spring 2024- Everything you need to know

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LCK Spring 2024 is about to kick off. There was a considerable shake-up to the rosters after the disappointing year of 2023 for the region (aside from T1, of course), so this will be an extremely exciting split to watch.  

Format and Prizepool

  The format and prizepool have not changed. The ten teams participate in a Double-Round Robin Group Stage, playing BO3 series exclusively. These games begin on the 17th of January, with the last one being played on the 24th of March. The top six teams of the Group qualify to the LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs, with the first two of those going straight to the Semifinals.  

LCK Spring 2024Image via Leaguepedia

The playoffs bracket remains the same, too. After the first round, double-elimination kicks in, so only the first and second seeds from the LCK Spring 2024 regular season go into the playoffs with "two lives". The finalists head to MSI 2024 and get the majority of the 375 million South Korean Won prizepool (~280 thousand USD).  

LCK Spring 2024 English Broadcast

  The English Broadcast for LCK Spring 2024 has also not changed from the previous year. The most recent additions to the cast in Laure Valée and Dan "Aux" Harrison are still around, and they're surrounded by the usual gang:
  • Max "Atlus" Anderson- Play-by-Play Caster
  • Maurits "Chronicler" Jan Meeusen- Color Caster
  • Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon- Desk Analyst
  • Park "Jeesun" Jee-sun- Translator
  • Wolf Schröder- Color Caster
  • Brendan Valdes- Play-by-Play Caster
The schedule remains the same, with two BO3s a day between Wednesday and Sunday. The first match of the day kicks off at 8AM GMT/3AM EST and the second one at around 10:30AM GMT/5:30 AM EST during weekdays. On weekends all matches start two hours early. You can watch the broadcast on Twitch or Youtube, on the official LCK channels.  

Team changes

  There are still only ten teams in the LCK in Spring 2024, but there is a new organization and some spicy roster changes. First thing's first: T1 kept the entirety of the line-up who won Worlds 2023. They are one of the only teams in the League who didn't make any changes to their roster, but they did change their coaching staff. KkOma made his return as Head-Coach and Tom (the interim head-coach) moved back to his previous position. The five-men line-up remains the same though.  

Image via T1 LoL

The new organization is FearX, which is basically Liiv Sandbox rebranded. They even kept most of the roster and they have a cool-looking Fox logo. But there was a massive shake-up in the top half of the LCK as we head into Spring 2024. Here are some of the biggest changes:
  • Showmaker and Canyon are playing in different teams for the first time. The midlaner stayed in Dplus Kia but now has Kingen as his jungler.
  • Chovy keeps getting absurdly stacked rosters. He kept the same botlane he had in 2023's Gen.g, but now has Kiin and Canyon as his top-side.
  • With Gen's changes, Hanwha Life upgraded their roster by adding Peanut and Doran, while keeping their mid and bot-lane the same.
  • KT Rolster reunited Deft and BeryL and put them alongside BDD and Pyosik, who's back from his time in NA.
What are your expectations heading into LCK Spring 2024? Is T1's Worlds-winning roster just too good? Is it Chovy's time to win it all with possibly his strongest roster ever? Or does HLE have a say in the matter?
Featured Image Courtesy of the LCK. If you want more content like this, check our LoL directory.

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