LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs – Everything You Need To Know

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The LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs are here. The six strongest teams in Korea, the reigning world champion region, will be fighting for their two MSI seeds. In this piece, we go over everything you need to know about the last stage of the Spring Split.   LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs Format And Participant After the change in recent years, the LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs haven't made any further alterations. The top six teams from regular season qualify. The top two seeds get a bye to the second round, while the remaining four fight for their chances in the first one.  

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HLE will kick off the playoffs stage with their BO5 against KDF, while KT and DK will follow up with the second match of the bracket. While the first round is single elimination, from round two onwards every team gets two lives. GEN, being the first seed, gets to pick their opponent from the winners of the Round One match, T1 will face whoever else is left. The winner goes to MSI's Main Event, the other finalist gets access to the tournament's Play-In stage.   Prize Pool And Championship Points   The prize pool for the LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs is 375 million Korean Won (around 277 thousand USD). It is split between the top four teams only, with the bottom two teams getting nothing other than championship points.  

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270 championship points are split between the six teams, and these can have a massive impact later in Summer, when Worlds qualifications are on the line.   LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs Schedule And Location The playoffs will run throughout the two following weeks. The first round matches will be played this weekend, with a BO5 on Saturday (March 30) and another on Sunday (March 31). The round two matches will be played on Wednesday (April 3) and Thursday (April 4). The following weekend will bring us the third round, on April 6 and 7, respectively. Lower bracket finals and grand finals will conclude the tournament on the weekend of April 13 and 14. All weekday BO5s start at 3PM KST (2AM EST), while the weekend ones begin at 5PM KST (4AM EST). All matches will be played at LoL Park, with the exception of the last two BO5s, which will be played at the KSPO Dome, in Seoul.
Featured Image Courtesy Of LCK. For more content on the LCK Spring 2024 Playoffs, check out our LoL directory. 

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