March and Moo on qualifying for the Kuala Lumpur Major: “I am hyped to feel the love from the audience and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

KarY 2018-09-26 02:51:33
  Park "March" Tae-won and David "Moo" Hull are as dynamic as their names sound when one gets a chance to speak to them. March is one of those guys who we know from the old Warcraft3 DotA era and arguably the person who put Korean Dota on the map in the StarCraft and LoL dominated region. Moo, on the other hand, is quite well known after his spectacular run at TI6 wherein his team, Digital Chaos, ended up second only to Wings Gaming who lifted the coveted Aegis of the Champions. Esports Heaven had the opportunity to sit down with both these gentlemen and discuss on March out of Army's (MOOA) formation, March's return to competitive pro-gaming after his service in the military, Moo's decision to leave Complexity Gaming and finding his new home at MOOA, the Kuala Lumpur Major, DPC season and much more Hey y'all. Firstly, congratulations on qualifying for the Kuala Lumpur Major. As a newly formed team, what were your immediate reactions on earning a spot at the Major? March: The immediate reaction was Bryle saying, "mom, I made it to major," and ran to her. That was pretty funny. That being said, I was very exhausted because of the number of games we played and the environment that I had to play from -- a lan cafe, but qualifying for it gave me lots of energy. Its been a while for me (laughs) Moo: Same as what March said in the first half of his answer. That was indeed very funny. That leads me to my next question for you, March. Taking a semi-retirement to serve military and going competitive again is way tougher than anyone can anticipate. What made you go competitive again considering so many patch, game and meta changes?
Uhm ... lots of help from friends and I never really stopped playing. I gained confidence when I got high enough MMR that made me feel like I could actually do it. I suppose, in the end, never giving up on it was the biggest reason.
Impressive. How did the team come to fruition? Nothing special, really! Forev and I wanted to make a team together before even TI. Milan wanted to play with Forev, so did I with him. Moo and Bryle were good free agents and we gave it a try in the open qualifiers for the Kuala Lumpur Major from Korea. It felt really good; that led us all at this particular juncture. So here we are (smiles). My next question is for Moo. You previously played for coL for quite some time and didn't meet with much success as compared to DC. What happened at coL? Why did you leave? We managed to qualify for a lot of LANs in coL, but were never able to reach greater heights in actual LAN play. It's hard to put an exact reason to it, there was some slight personality clash, teamwork issues and overall just a lack of cooperation, but the skill was there. I left in hopes to reach greater heights and test my fate on a different team and pursue opportunities I wouldn't have on coL. That led you to team up with March and others. How did you end up here... on this team? I'm sure you'd be having a lot of other offers as well! What made you go with this team in particular? I chose this team because I believed in the players, the personality and the potential of this team. They had played together before, failed to qualify, but still wanted to continue which is a very good sign. Along with March being an experienced and capable captain. I knew Bryle briefly when considering this team as well and got along with him. You beat your former team coL in the regional qualifier to proceed into the competition. How well did that go with you? feelsgoodman! (thumbs up) What do you have to say about the loss at the hands of Forward Gaming twice in a row? According to you, what could have been done better? March: I personally think we are capable of beating them which we did in the first game. I don't worry about the loss to them too much because we couldn't play at our full strength not only Dota-wise but due to the environments as well. However, I got a feeling about what our team is strong at and how other teams think of us as a team, so that is also good for us in the future run. The Kuala Lumpur Major teams are finalised with only one remaining spot left to be filled via the Minor qualifier. Which team will grab that last spot? Any bold predictions? Not really bold ... Team Liquid? Lol. Their master plan to make as much money as possible.  Although I am cheering for Mineski as they have my boi Febby and kpii playing (smiles). Haha that's a good one. I spoke to SunBhie regarding the new DPC season. He wasn't too much in favour of the "no invite" system as well as the prize money literally being halved as compared to last season due to lesser number of Valve sanctioned events. What are your views on the new DPC season as opposed to the old one? March: I don't know and I didn't really care too much about last season as I was in the army and didn't make it to any event. I like the new system so far because I guess there are more opportunities for new teams like us to make it. How do you expect the first Major to go in the new season? I believe one of the secret for teams to do well in a tournament is not to expect too much or to get pressured in doing well. Thus I would like to think to just have fun at the tournament as far as how it would go in my opinion. I am hyped to feel the love from the audience and it's going to be a lot of fun. You were invited to TI8 as an analyst. How was the experience of lending your knowledge at event? Who approached you for the analyst gig? I cant say who approached me for analyst gig but being an analyst at TI8 made me actually watch every single game carefully and understand the meta so I know what to say which is something that people don't do even if they are pro after getting eliminated. That gave me good idea of how the draft should be. You also coached Echo International and WaR before going pro. Did coaching help you build up your confidence in going pro again? Coaching at War was a nice staircase for me to get back to the pro scene and getting more knowledge about the game led to the increase in my confidence levels.
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