MSI 2022- Everything you need to know

Mush 2022-05-09 12:20:59
  MSI 2022, the first international tournament in League of Legends with an audience in more than two years is going to begin soon. There have been a few updates and changes to the format, venues and dates, so we decided to collect all the information and organize it here, in a simple way. Here’s everything you need to know about MSI 2022. Group Stage The first phase of the tournament takes place between May 10 and 15. The top two teams from each group move on to the next phase, the remaining ones are eliminated. These are the groups: Group C only has three teams due to the absence of the LCL representative. Saigon Buffalo, from the VCS, are the only team who didn’t win their regional competition. The number one VCS team, GAM Esports qualified to the Sea Games 31 so they can’t attend MSI.  Games are Double Round Robin BO1s with the top two teams from each group advancing to the Rumble Stage. This first phase of the event will take place in the Busan Esports Arena, South Korea.
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Rumble Stage This second stage takes place between May 20 and 24. Matches remain Double Round Robin Bo1s, but this time there is only one group, including all 6 teams who qualified from the Group Stage. Every team plays every other roster twice, with the top 4 teams locking in their qualification to the Knockout Stage. The bottom two are eliminated.  Knockout Stage The final stage of MSI will be played between May 27-29. Riot hasn’t yet disclosed how seeding will work for this stage, but it is safe to assume that, just like what was done for MSI 2021, it will go as follows: These matches are Single Elimination BO5s. Both the Rumble and Knockout Stages will take place in Bexco Exhibition Hall 1, also in Busan, South Korea.  Important Update Due to RNGs inability to attend the tournament in person, Riot decided to use a network latency tool to artificially place a 35ms ping for every game played in the competition. This is more or less the ping when playing on the South Korean server from China.  Talent Lineup This is the talent line-up. Two of the biggest absences have been commented on by the people in question. Sjokz, the LEC’s host, will not be participating in MSI since she’s been confirmed as the host for CSGO’s PGL Major Antwerp, which takes place between May 14-22, entirely during MSI.  The second absence is CaptainFlowers, who has posted a tweet saying that he will not attend the tournament. He’s said that he will participate in it, in a more indirect fashion, by hosting a mini-series with Perkz and OvileeMay.  Schedule Schedule has recently been posted on the Lolesports page. It more or less fits the usual LCK schedule, with games happening between 9am UTC (1AM PDT/ 4AM EDT) and approximately 3PM UTC (7AM PDT/10AM EDT). Weekend and Friday games start and finish earlier, between 7AM UTC (11PM PDT/ 2AM EDT) and 1PM UTC (5AM PDT/ 8AM EDT). This is the schedule for the first day, Tuesday May 10th:
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