Overtflow on TikTok, staying active and creating content

KarY 2021-01-27 02:57:03

Overtflow sat down with Esports Heaven to discuss about Tik Tok being an ideal platform for promotion, staying fit while simultaneously generating content, his fighting experience and more.
  I’ve always been skeptical of Tik Tok since former CLG CEO Devin Nash mentioned the “carryover” from other social media platforms is very poor on it.  Has this been your experience? Do you think because you play a game that is very popular amongst kids that this isn’t an issue for you? I've had excellent conversion rate with TikTok. I'd say I have about a 10% conversion from TikTok to my other platforms which is above normal compared to other platforms. Definitely the popularity of the game will affect your growth. You’re obviously known for your athletic prowess. How would you say your split is between physical activity, gaming, other business commitments and relaxation? Haha right now I'm not as athletic as I'd like to be. I currently do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 5 days per week in 2 hour sessions. If I'm lucky I get to the gym about 1/2 times a week to lift weights. I spend a lot of time gaming/creating content these days and I'm taking a better approach for 2021 with more workouts and having meals prepped for me instead of so much fast food. It's tough to manage everything at times and you can get lost in certain activities for sure but planning out a rough schedule for the week is something that's always helpful. How has being an influencer with an audience containing a lot of young, impressionable kids helped shape your personality when you began growing? It wasn't something I worried about too much with YouTube as the audience was always a bit older. However with TikTok, it's definitely a lot of high school, middle school and younger that consume the most content. Because of that I've taken the approach of being more family friendly, no bad words, nothing that be stressful to a parent, I want people to be able to feel good about having their kids watch my content! I do my best to be myself while staying mindful of the wide audience I have. Can you elaborate a bit on how your experience with fighting and gaming help one another?  Surely it’s also beneficial to your level of confidence and showmanship? Discuss. Fighting and gaming are Yin and Yang for sure. I think it helps keep me balanced because they're pretty opposite. Gaming has me on 12 hour marathons sitting down playing new Call of Duty and leveling up, then on the other side fighting has me wrestling against UFC fighters, boxing on celebrity cards, and doing completely the opposite of sitting and gaming all day haha. I think they balance each other very well. And of course it does keep my confidence high to be athletic and active while also being a professional gamer.

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Is there anything you do and think maybe others with a large influence can do to spread the importance of physicality (and frankly, training martial arts and/or boxing) for young gamers to become more active? Honestly the biggest way to influence it is to organically blend it into the content. I've noticed more people asking about Martial Arts when I show myself doing it instead of me "preaching" the benefits of it. Blending it into the lifestyle, I believe, is the best way to influence the audience. What got you into competitive gaming? Were you a fan in your early years, or did you transition from an athletic beginning? I actually had a shoulder injury from wrestling that put me on the sidelines for 6+ months and during that time I got heavy into consuming gaming content during the early days of YouTube and that's what led me to creating full time. How would you say your life has changed in the last year or so amidst the COVID pandemic? I'm from Vegas so definitely a lot of changes around here haha. We're all dealing with lockdowns and things being shut down completely so I just put my head down and grinded content, gained over 1 million followers during this time and I just plan to keep working hard. It seems you have quite a loaded list of things you tackle already, but do you have any other side hobbies or endeavors that your fans might not be aware of? Besides gaming and martial arts, I'm a pretty simple guy. I love hanging out with friends, going to gaming events and collecting vintage Las Vegas pieces. That pretty much sums up my favorite parts of life! Thanks again for answering our questions. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we sign off?  I appreciate you all and thank you for having me on! Also shout out to GameStop, I love you.
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