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Overwatch’s Tweets of the Week ft. Roster Moves, Retirements, and Deli Pickles?

Volamel 2019-04-07 06:33:02
  The 2019 season of the Overwatch League is in full bloom with Stage 2 bringing a slew of new changes, new faces and fresh strategies. With the new stage, a new patch has landed on the tournament client as well. Baptiste has seen a ton of playtime, Orisa seems to be back in vogue, and Sombra … well, she’s still really strong. This week we’ve got roster moves aplenty, a few notable retires, some sort of pagan shrine and much more. Kick back, relax, and enjoy some of this week’s best tweets. This is Overwatch’s Tweets of the Week for April 1st to the 6th!

No jokes here

Not only has GOATS taught us how to manage cooldowns and abilities better, but it’s also shown us that people really do just hate everything! As for the title? I lied.  

daemoN Joins the Fuel

From Rogue to the Los Angeles Valiant and from the Paris Eternal to the Dallas Fuel, daemoN’s skills are always needed and wanted.  

Stellar Retires

The Toronto Defiant took a sharp loss this week as Stellar took a shocking exit from the team. That said, they still managed to take out the Justice.  

There has never been a more perfect tweet

“What do you know? Actually, the Valiant have actually gotten better since SoOn left,” the fan, clad in green and gold, furiously typed on their Valiant branded keyboard.  

It’s all fun and games...

The Florida Mayhem recent made an announcement that, after a poor season one performance and starting stage two by losing to Washington Justice, they were going to drop everything transition into a full Korean speaking roster. Here is a great reaction.

And here we go

What can I say except, you're welcome?  


After Dafran’s departure, the Atlanta Reign found a creative way to keep their favorite player close to their hearts -- group bible study. “And with the power of Twitch Prime…” - Dafran 3:16  

A statement victory

Apparently, the Shock are a good team? Huh, who would have thought that much after their game seven brawl with the Titans?  

Update on Krystal

The Hangzhou Spark’s flex DPS has been notably absent from their games. Rumor has it he still is in talks with the Boston Uprising to sign with the Western team.  

Gone fisching

Fischer left the Dallas Fuel’s academy team, Team Envy this week and is hinting at some possible moves. I see those eyes, Fischer, OWL may be in your future.  

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