PGL Antwerp Major 2022- Everything you need to know

Mush 2022-05-10 02:30:32
  PGL has gotten their second shot at a Major with Antwerp 2022. This is the first Major of the year, and it will be a true lan with a stadium audience in the later parts of the tournament. We’ve compiled here all the relevant information regarding it. Challenger’s Stage 16 teams will play between the 9th and 12th of May 2022 in a Swiss System format akin to the one used in the RMRs. Matches are BO1s except for the elimination and qualification games, which will be BO3s. Matches were seeded previously and the ensuing matchups will be based on the Buchholz System (just like in the RMR, 1-0 plays another 1-0 team, 0-1 plays 0-1, etc).  The top 8 teams will qualify to the Legends Stage, with the remaining rosters being eliminated from the tournament. There are no breaks between days of play, so preparation time will be scarce. These are the first games: BO3s will begin in the middle of the second day, May 10th. There will always be two simultaneous streams, except for the 4th and final day of play, May 12th, where only one stream will be up. These are the links: Stream A pgl - Twitch; Stream B pgl_csgo - Twitch Legends Stage The second stage of the Major starts on the 14th of May and ends on the 17th. The format is an exact copy of the one used in the previous stage. 16 teams fight for 8 slots yet again, but this time those slots are meant for the Champions Stage (Playoffs).  These are the teams which are awaiting the 8 rosters that make it through Challengers Stage: If you missed the news, the Cloud9 roster is the ex-Gambit lineup (which were named Players in their last few tournaments).  The stream setup is exactly the same as the one used during Challengers Stage.  Champions Stage The third and final stage of the Major takes place in Antwerps Sportpaleis, the biggest venue in Belgium, between the 19th and 22nd of May.  The top 8 teams from the Legends stage will battle for the trophy in a single elimination bracket. All matches are BO3s. The seeding will be based on the Legends Stage rankings.  There are no simultaneous matches here, so they will likely all be streamed on Stream A (https://www.twitch.tv/pgl).  Talent Line-up The talent line-up was announced a couple weeks ago. Here it is: Schedule The tournament is taking place in Belgium, so the matches are all favorable to European time zones. They’ll begin at noon local time (6am EDT) at the earliest with the latest matches starting at 8pm local (2pm EDT). The Champions stage will take place during more NA-friendly hours, with the earliest matches starting at 4pm local (10am EDT).
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