Riyadh Masters 15 million prize pool featured for Dota 2

EsportsHeaven 2023-03-13 04:43:57
  A tournament with a prizepool eclipsing all but TI has just been announced for Dota 2 - and it's right around the corner. Gamers8 will be hosting a mindblowing 15 million dollar prize pool in their latest major, Riyadh Masters. The top 20 teams globally will be competing at this event LIVE beginning July 17th, with the finals being decided on July 30th.   Dota 2's circuit and Valve are often under heavy scrutiny for the discrepancy between majors, which ultimately has The International weighted much more heavily than other events. Ultimately, Riyadh Masters brings a prize pool that comes close to rivaling the international at 15 million dollars, whereas most other majors typically hover around the $1 million USD mark. Sustainability often comes to question in top esports titles, and as such, most have moved to a regular season into playoff models, whereas Valve's titles, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, have maintained their open circuit. Riyadh Masters is an event spanning 8 weeks at the heart of Saudi Arabia and will be featuring new challenges and experiences to be unlocked with each week. You can find more information on the Gamers8 event page . Stay tuned to the Dota 2 section for more coverage of this upcoming event.

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