Sneyking: “Mostly, I started playing for the passion I had towards the game and just enjoyed playing Dota.”

DreXxiN 2022-03-04 04:51:08
  Tundra Esport’s new captain, Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu, spoke about his team’s preparation, having ideas and voicing them as a captain, after Tundra’s victory over BOOM Esports in the Upper Bracket semi-finals. You’ve been playing for 13 years since HoN days. Do you think you’d last or play this long? I never thought I’d be in the scene for that long. Mostly, I started playing for the passion I had towards the game and just enjoyed playing Dota. After college, I decided to give professional Dota a try because I was kinda really bummed of not being able to try it out, and went full time for one year with VGJ.Storm. We didn’t have much success but in the end we were able to scrape together a different roster with SVG, Resolution, MSS and Yawar. We did really well that year at TI and that was my first time achieving top 8 and ever since I’ve been looking forward to seeing where it takes me. And here we are.   What took you so long to step into the captaining role? I’ve always been a big voice but I’ve never been a captain material and even now I don’t think I am. I just try my best and have a lot of help especially from Aui and the rest of the team. They are very supportive. Aui has been really great for the team because he has a lot of good ideas and advice, and helps us improve. I’m not really the captain. I just have a lot of ideas that I bring to the team and try to make everyone else understand them. I accept their feedback and we try to help each other to improve our ideas together.   Is there a difference in how you prepared against BOOM as compared to how you’re going to prepare against Nigma, who you play in the upper bracket finals tomorrow? It’s definitely going to be very different because the meta between the regions especially since Covid started is literally inter-regional. For example, there’s very little IO play. It’s almost ignored for the entire DPC season for the past couple of seasons. Personally, I think it's an extremely broken hero and is first picked in almost every other region so it’s kind of weird. When we picked it in the second game, we were very confident in the Gyrocopter and were pretty sure they had no solution once we banned Weaver and Pangolier. It proves to show that they were not prepared for the IO. I guess this is what happens when you don’t play that many LAN’s and there’s no inter-regional play with different meta.  Whoever is right is going to come out on top and have a huge advantage in the series because suddenly their enemies have to force bans that they have to do.
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