Sojourn Is HERE!! – Take A Look At Overwatch’s Hero 33

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-18 01:23:45
  FINALLY, WE’VE GOT CONTENT, YALL. RING THE BELL, OVERWATCH IS BACK ON THE MENU! Hero 33, Sojourn is finally revealed! We’ve got a  primary fire--that is projectile--that generates energy that can be spent on a highly accurate “impact shot” akin to a Quake-style railgun. We’ve got some mobility with her Power Slide that can be cancelled into a jump.  Disrupter Shot is a little … worrisome.  Overwatch 2, in general, seems to be moving away from CC abilities on its DPS characters. WELP, now Sojourn has an AoE slow that also deals damage. And as an ultimate, Overclock, allows Sojourn to build more railgun energy--while also giving her the ability to pierce enemies.  First impression? HOLY god, she looks so much fun, please give me beta now. Second impression? Watching a good Sojourn is going to look fun. Third? The biggest thing that sticks out is how much energy you can generate. The mark of a good Sojourn seems to be how many right-click you’ll be able to shovel out. More damage, means more right clicks, more ults, and the cycle starts again. Sojourn looks so much fun and we can’t wait for Overwatch 2!
  Images via Blizzard Entertainment 

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