Stormgate Build Order: Infernal 1 Vault/ 3 Conclave All-In

Stormgate Build Order: Infernal 1 Vault/ 3 Conclave All-In

Volamel 2024-02-09 04:09:13

New to Stormgate and looking to get aggressive? Infernal Host players, listen up! No more sitting back, taking bases, and shooting for macro games.  This 1 Vault/ 3 Conclave Infernal all-in will have you destroying the ladder.  Here is our newest Stormgate build order that punishes early expansions and relatively greedy play.  Stormgate's Open Beta during Steam's Next Fest lasts from February 5th to the 12th. The game's Early Access is slated to land in mid-2024.

Stormgate Build Order Infernal


9/15 Imp 10/15 Iron Vault 9/15 Conclave 10/15 start Therium 11/15 Meat Farm 10/15 Imp 11/15 Brute 14/25 Gaunt 15/25 Imp ~ 1:50 Creep your closest camp with your first Gaunt and Brute ~ 2:00 Send this Fiend to scout the enemy ~ 2:30 Place 1 more Imps on Therium and create 2 more Conclaves
About Me (why should I listen to you?) My name is Joseph "Volamel" Franco. I have 1,700 MMR Stormgate experience and Masters level Starcraft 2 player with hundreds of hours in the RTS genre. I've also analyzed professional Overwatch for broadcast and teams and am familiar with a myriad of strategies. These are build orders I'm actively testing during the "Elephant" Build of Stormgate and using to climb with. 
Next, as the new batch of Gaunts leaves your base, grab an Imp and rally outside your opponent's base. That Imp will be pivotal to not only surprise your opponent but also reinforce your attack. Take your army and run PAST and DIVE for your opponent's workers This is important because we want to spawn as many Fiends as possible. As we do this, begin constructing a Shroundstone in your opponent's main base and within range of their Comand Post.  Use Summon Effigy to bolster your attack as you push towards the Luminite line and micro back weaker units to regen white health.  Continue to produce Gaunts and keep 2-3 Brutes. If you have more Luminite, from extra creeping or other sources, aim for a maximum of 4 Brutes. 
Tip: If you're looking for an in-depth guide on this opening, how to scout with it, and other Infernal openings, check out our write-up here.

On BrokenCrown

Rally to the trees to the side of your opponent's second base. Begin to destroy the trees CLOSEST to your opponent's ramp to help you run in quickly. This hides the attack as players often don't scout that direction. infernal build order stormgate  

On Secluded Grove

Rally to the trees that connect the Resource AND Speed camps and use your Imp to break through. This hides the attack as players often don't scout this direction AND creates a new attack path that will rarely be walled off.  


Do not fight into a Buzzsaw Cannon as the splash damage will destroy your army. Instead, move past it, and aim to kill B.O.B.s to spawn Fiends. Typically most Vanguard players will have a Sentry Post walling in the front.  However, we aim to circumvent that by using our Imp to open up new paths. Be sure to use Summon Effigy to regen weak units' white health.  


If you scout NO unit-producing structures AND no second base, you're getting proxied.  Recall your units and create a Shroudstone at your ramp. If they've built a Meat Farm out in the open, you can use the Felhogs it produces as a way to generate more Fiends. Be sure to use Summon Effigy to regen weak units' white health.
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