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Street Fighter 6 Rashid Character Guide

Mush 2023-07-19 01:51:56

Street Fighter 6's Rashid is coming in just  a few days and Capcom just released his official character guide video. Rashid joins the Street Fighter 6 roster on the 24th of July (next Monday) and brings with him a lot of windy moves. The character made his debut in Street Fighter V and is making a speedy return to the series in the newest entry. He is the first DLC character to be released from the Season 1 roster. There hasn't been any confirmation on how much you'll need to pay to purchase Rashid individually, but acquiring the Year 1 character pass will give you access to him as soon as he's released. The pass is available for 29,99€ and will contain 4 characters.  

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Character Guide

  The character guide Capcom posted for Rashid is much more indepth than the 1 minute ones release for the original roster of SF6 characters. It is 7:21 minutes long and goes quite in-depth into all the tools he has available to him. It follows the system used by the game's own character guides which text accompanying visual demonstrations. Rashid has 5 specials:
  • Spinning Mixer- A versatile close range move.
  • Eagle Spike- A high damage, high range kick.
  • Whirlwind Shot- A projectile.
  • Arabian Cyclone- A mobility focused, versatile attack.
  • Arabian Skyhigh- Essentially an aerial version of Arabian Cyclone.

Rashid SF6(Image via @streetfighter on Twitter)

  And 3 Supers:
  • Super Rashid Kick- Level 1, long reach, works as an anti-air tool.
  • Ysaar- Level 2, versatile super which spawns a tornado heading in the direction of your opponent. Your special moves also change when used through Ysaar.
  • Altair- Level 3 Super with a lot of range. Will be very useful in punishing projectiles.
Rashid seems to have a lot more mix-up tools than the remainder of the cast. A lot of his special moves change considerably depending on which version you use (L, M, H) and his Ysaar Super brings even more options to the table. He'll also bring a lot more verticality than most of the other characters available in Street Fighter 6. Rashid will be available to play for Year 1 Character Pass owners on the 24th of July. The next DLC character will be A. K. I., who'll be released this Autumn.
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