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Apeks eliminated from CS2 Copenhagen Major

EsportsHeaven 2024-04-07 04:35:31

Apeks have crashed out of the CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 with a defeat against Legacy. In a post-match interview, Martin "STYKO" Styk reflected on the challenges that led to their loss.

Disappointing Performance

Martin expressed disappointment, acknowledging that both individual slumps and a lack of cohesive team practice hampered their preparation.

They entered the tournament with high expectations, but difficulties adapting to unfamiliar maps significantly impacted their gameplay. "We had a couple of good maps. We didn't really get to play those here", said Styko.

Martin specifically highlighted their match against Legacy, where a strong start on Ancient fizzled out, followed by struggles on Inferno, a map they rarely practised.

He emphasized the close nature of many rounds, suggesting the scoreline didn't fully capture the intensity of the competition.

Learning from the Experience

Despite the loss, Martin did identify some positives. He commended the team's mentality during the RMR qualifiers leading up to the major. However, he admitted that good intentions did not translate to top performance during the main event.

"I think we're not just Hitting our A-game. It's just unfortunate that we timed it this poorly

Looking ahead, Martin stressed the importance of improved adaptability, communication, and teamwork as crucial takeaways for future success. He wants Apeks to be better equipped to handle adversity and support each other through challenging moments.

Future Uncertain, Hope Remains

The future of both Martin and Apeks remains unclear. Decisions are yet to be made, but Martin expressed a strong desire to see a stronger Apeks emerge from this setback.

"I don't want to reveal anything because nothing has been said yet. But I was with Apeks until the end of the major. This was a few minutes ago that we played the last round of the Copenhagen CS2 Major". Styko continues, "In theory, this will be a process for me as well to understand if I'm continuing, if not."

Gratitude and Optimism

Martin concluded the interview by expressing deep gratitude for the fans who have stood by Apeks through thick and thin.

He acknowledges the team's rough patch and assures them of performing better in the future.

Featured Image credits: VaKarM | BLAST Paris Major

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