Super’s Dad “Incredibly Proud” Of Son’s Esports Career

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-01 05:53:53

  A fulfilled life. A chapter closed on top of the world.  2 Championship Titles and among the best in the world. What more could a parent want? While many fans have been left wondering what’s next for legendary Overwatch tank player Matthew "super" DeLisi, one of his biggest supporters left a touching note on his departure from the competitive scene.  Super’s father, Maurizio DeLisi, has been supportive of his son’s career since he debuted nearly four years ago.  Think of all the finals. Shock against Titans? Shock against Seoul? The dream of the 3-peat? All of the accolades, the prime time TV interviews, all the while knowing; that’s your son.  What it must of been like not only knowing your son was on the edge of greatness but he was becoming synonymous with it? ‘Pride’ feels like the understatement of the year--but it does the job.  Hats off to you, SuperDad.  You raised a legend that will be remembered for ages. If his esports career is anything to go by--his future is incredibly bright!
  Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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