T1 win Worlds 2023

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The results finally go according to expectations: T1 win Worlds 2023. This victory marks a lot of firsts for the players and the esport alike! Let's take a look.  

Worlds 2023 Grand Finals- A lot of firsts

  With T1's win, the GOAT of League of Legends becomes the first and only player to win four World Championships. No one has even won three (other than him, of course). Faker also has the ridiculous stat of having 10 years between his first and last Summoner's Cup. This would be impressive in a sport, in the hyperbolic time chamber that is esports in comparison, it is frankly absurd. Worlds 2023 is the first International title for all four members of the roster apart from Faker. Zeus, Oner, Gumayusi and Keria now have two titles under their belt: LCK Spring 2022 and Worlds 2023. This victory also marks the first time since 2017 in which South Korea are back-to-back World Champions, a feat that LPL also pulled off in 2018/2019 (funnily enough, with TheShy and Crisp, respectively). Esports Charts also highlight a few firsts themselves. In their article breaking down Worlds 2023 viewership stats, they point out that the tournament has become the most watched ever in esports, not just in League of Legends.  

Image via Esports Charts

This record also broke the peak viewership stats for regional streams, with Korean, English and Vietnamese regions at the top. T1 are the biggest League of Legends organization in the world, and it definitely shows.  

What about the skins?

  T1 win Worlds 2023 and, alongside the championship rings and the Summoner's Cup, they're all getting their own skins in the game. But the question about which they'll be, will remain unanswered for a bit, but we can narrow it down to very few options. Dot Esports' Cecilia wrote a piece about what the T1 players had to say regarding their skin choices at the Press Conference. Here's the list:
  • Zeus: Jayce/Yone
  • Oner: Lee Sin
  • Faker: "a skin fans can enjoy"
  • Gumayusi: Jinx
  • Keria: Bard or Renata
So while Oner and Guma's choices are mostly locked-in, no certainties yet on the remaining three. Keria has actually gone the "people's choice" route and made an instagram poll where people could vote on either Bard or Renata. As per Leaguepedia's Worlds Skins page, champions are only eligible for Worlds skins in the following circumstances:  

Worlds 2023Image via Leaguepedia

With these rules in mind, Faker's pool of champions to choose from is the following:
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Azir
  • Orianna
  • Sylas
Although there is an SKT Azir skin in the game, that was credited to Easyhoon, not Faker. He could theoretically still choose Azir. For reference, the three other skins in his name are:
  • Season 3- Zed
  • Season 5- Ryze
  • Season 6- Syndra
The public opinion seems to be asking for a Faker Ahri skin, but we'll see what the Unkillable King chooses as his fourth World Championship skins.
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