Team Canada False: “I think everyone on our team is super confident we’ll make it to playoffs alongside Team UK.”

Volamel 2023-10-28 09:01:01

Ready to shoulder the pride of Team Canada, tank player Nick "False" Wiseman is prepared to tackle the 2023 Overwatch World Cup. After playing alongside the Vancouver Titans in 2022, False has been on a tear throughout the collegiate space alongside Maryville University. He spoke to Esports Heaven about his goals for this World Cup, why they're targeting Team UK, and more.     False, this will be your first Overwatch World Cup appearance. Talk to us a little about how that feels. Does it feel cool being able to represent your home country?  Watching the World Cup back in 2017 was one of my first exposures to Overwatch esports and I always thought about how amazing it must be to compete for your entire country against other regions. It’s always been a dream to represent Canada and I’m both excited and honoured to be able to do that this year at BlizzCon.  Overwatch League fans last saw you don a Vancouver Titans jersey for the 2022 season, but since then you've been on quite a streak alongside Maryville University and Saints. How do you think you've grown, both as a player and as a person, since your time in the league? I think I’ve matured a lot as a player and grown a lot outside of the game as well. Being on a team like Maryville, where we pretty much have the same roster each semester has really shown me the importance of being a good teammate and the value you can bring to the team by building each other up.  As a player, I felt a lot of the things I learned over the course of my time on the Titans has stuck with me and even through the hardships of the first 2 stages I learned so much about the game and how it’s played at a high level that although stage 1 and 2 Titans can be viewed as a complete failure, I believe I’m better for it and gained a ton of knowledge on how to be both a better player and a better teammate.      Help the public know Team Canada a little better. For each team member give them their own "Most likely to …" award. Why did they earn those specific awards? Magicm8balls is "Most likely to blame something on the Ajax scrim code" LOL.  We have a scrim code that has AJAX pop up on everyone’s screen when a Lucio dies mid-beat, and it’s kinda become a meme for him to make a mistake and blame it on the Ajax scrim code making him drop frames.  Cals is "Most likely to make someone’s day."  At the grand finals in Toronto, he gifted me a keychain that features the Toronto Raccoons Curling Club, from the spawn room of New Queens Street which I was always a fan of as a former Toronto resident so it was awesome to receive it and definitely made my day.  Crimzo is "Most likely to be a war general." He’s our most experienced player and acts as a leader both in and out of the game for our team. He gives good feedback and has been a big part of our ability to get on the same page and work together effectively.  Noxious is "Most likely to be a philosopher."  He’s always trying to put the game into philosophical terms in some way or another.  Seeker is "Most likely to make the team laugh."  He always has something funny to say and generally keeps the mood pretty lighthearted and positive within our team. Astronex is definitely the most supportive teammate.  He’s always contributing to the review for both maps that he plays and maps that I play. Also with the collegiate schedule I have had to miss some parts of our scrims to play with Maryville and he’s been there to fill in and play some off-tank heroes for the scrims I couldn’t make. As Team Canada did kind of coast through the qualifying stage, were there any individual players that surprised you that didn't make it? Anyone you want to shine a light on?  Although they weren’t in our group, the biggest shock to me was Denmark not qualifying, they had a lot of former Overwatch League players as well and current league players like sHockWave, so it’s too bad to not be able to see them at Blizzcon this year. I’m also really happy to see Finland qualified, massa was a great teammate and friend and I hope I get the chance to play against him in the playoff bracket.  We spoke to FunnyAstro recently and he pinned Team Canada as a team to beat, partially because he has former teammates on the roster. Any words for Astro and any team you're excited to play or would love to beat? For us we definitely also have Team UK as a team to beat, we’ll need to to secure the first seed in our group so it’s a match I’m really looking forward to. Other than them I’m looking forward to playing any team with friends on it, competing against friends is always some of the best experiences I’ve had in Overwatch, so teams like Team USA Team Saudi Arabia, and Team Finland are definitely match-ups I hope come up for us at some point in bracket play.  The 2023 Overwatch World Cup has put Team Canada in Group B alongside Team Brazil, Team United Kingdom, and Team Australia. How do you see this group playing out? Are you confident that you guys can make it to the playoffs?  I think everyone on our team is super confident we’ll make it to playoffs alongside Team UK. I think Brazil and Australia have some solid players as well, but overall I think they lack some experience, but in a LAN environment anything can happen so I’d be happy to see some underdog performances, as long as it’s not against us, hahaha.  Overall we are definitely looking to secure the first seed in our group and beat the UK, I’m really looking forward to that match.  Not only is this a first for you but this marks a turn in the history of competitive Overwatch. With the uncertain future of the Overwatch League, what does this World Cup mean to you? Do you have any added pressure to perform well? Do you feel like you have something to prove for next year? This World Cup means a lot to me. I want to represent our country well and show the world what we are capable of, we’re a lot less represented in the league than the powerhouses of the US and Korea, so I hope we can go far and give Canadian fans a team to cheer for. I always feel I have my pressure to perform well, but with the uncertainty present in the state of the Overwatch League, it’s even more important to me to perform well and to help elevate my team to the highest level possible in what could be one of the last officially hosted Overwatch tournaments. Overall individually, I don’t really feel I have anything to prove to anyone. Every day I’m in competition with myself and doing everything I can to be a better player and teammate. I believe heavily in the philosophy of improving just 1% every day, so I don’t care much for outside judgement as the only people who really know what’s going on are my teammates. I do want to prove to the rest of the world that Canadian talent can be just as big of a threat as the other powerhouse teams in the tournament. 
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