Team Finland Sauna: “I see the World Cup as a possible last chance to compete in a tournament of this scale.”

Volamel 2023-11-04 12:02:06

Team Finland is always competitive at the Overwatch World Cup and this year is no different. Former London Spitfire star Paavo "Sauna" Ulmanen spoke with Esports Heaven about Finland's chances this year, who Team Finland is excited to play against, and more!     Sauna, your team unanimously voted you the person "most likely to be late to scrims". Is this true? Can you beat these allegations?  Waking up at 6 a.m. to scrim was a bit rough sometimes. Jokes aside, how has practice been going? Do you guys feel more confident now that everyone is either in or heading to Los Angeles?  Practice has been going quite well and I could see us being a legitimate dark horse contender if things go well. With the return to LAN, a return to competition, and everyone generally just excited to see some competitive Overwatch being played, this year's World Cup is highly anticipated. What are you most excited about this year? I'm really excited to finally get a chance to play at a LAN and represent Finland with my friends. The elephant in the room is the suspension of LhCloudy from Team Finland. We won't ask about specifics, but could you talk a little about how you guys handled this as a team? Do you have any worries or concerns now? Cloudy was a leader and played a big part in building the team so it's sad to see how things turned out.  The suspension came as a surprise but we have dealt with it quite well.  Upsets are what make the Overwatch World Cup so exciting. Not only does Team Finland's history show that they've been capable of taking down big names but you're also someone who has recently toppled another South Korean super team with the help of some "EU lads". Do you think Team Finland can surprise people and take the first seed in Group A? I wouldn’t be too surprised if an upset happened. The banter this World Cup has been incredible and we've got to ask;  are there any teams you have a message for or hope to play against? It's not coming home. Lastly, for the 2023 Overwatch World Cup, we have a lot of familiar faces that have been around competitive Overwatch for a long time, yourself included. With the uncertain future of the Overwatch League, what does this World Cup mean to you?  I see the World Cup as a possible last chance to compete in a tournament of this scale.
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