Team Spirit’s Miposhka and Yatoro on winning DreamLeague Season 21- “I think Gyrocopter is a trash hero”

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Team Spirit's Miposhka and Yatoro were interviewed after their massive victory at DreamLeague Season 21. Spirit demolished the tournament, only dropping two games (not series) through its entirety. The two players go over the meta, plans for TI, Larl and what makes their late games special. The first game of this BO5 was really close, and then the other two games were like a walk in the park. What did you figure out?  Miposhka- In that first game I think our draft was not that good as in the following games. We picked Apparition and Earth Spirit but Invoker is good against Earth Spirit. We didn't have a need to pick Apparition in this series, that's what we understood. I just we just played better [than Shopify Rebellion] in the first game, but our draft was much worse. Everybody says: "Team Spirit, they power up when there's money on the line." Is that true? Or is it just a coincidence? Miposhka- It's 50% true and 50% false. This tournament doesn't have the biggest prize pool and we still won. In this tournament we were just focused on practicing some heroes and some strategies to be more confident before The International. Sometimes it just happens, I don't know why. Coming into TI, what is the plan?  Miposhka- Right now we're going to take a rest of four days, and after that we will start to play again. Every single time I watch you guys play, it doesn't seem that the game is over until you decide it's over. What's so special about your mid to late game decision making? Yatoro- We're just calm in the late game and we can talk to each other about which targets we want to focus, we discuss what we need to do and then we come up with solutions. I've heard from a lot of teams that, in the late game, carries are very vocal. Are you also one of those carries? Yatoro- Yes, of course. All of us call, but I think my personal mission is Roshan, Tormentors and Towers. I am telling them when I'm ready and the team is working to be ready to help me. Yatoro, you averaged about 900gpm across the series, excellent performance. Do you feel you guys have an excellent read on map movements right now? Yatoro- I think that, especially me, I try to think where enemies could be at every second of the game and then I make my route in the map very safe. What are your thoughts on Gyro? Yatoro- I think Gyrocopter is a trash hero, like something you should never pick. He is too slow. He can only kill the enemy carry with Rapier I guess, or if he gets super over-farmed. But with this meta, with Blademail and Heart of Tarrasque in the midlaners, you're going to kill yourself as Gyro but you won't kill anyone else. He's just too slow to play Dota, I guess. The carry meta has evolved a little bit throughout this tournament. Is the meta going to evolve heading into TI? Yatoro- I think meta will evolve as usual. Teams will understand which heroes are better against meta heroes like Phantom Assassin and Sven, but I think there will still be broken heroes at TI just like there are now. You said you wanted to win Riyadh so Larl can feel what it's like to win a big tournament so, how proud of him are you right now? He played such a big role in your win this tournament.  Yatoro- I am very proud of my son. I think he is super grown-up player. I am very proud of him. What is the quality that you guys saw in Larl that other teams couldn't see? Yatoro- I think he never stays in the same place, he is always growing up, he is a very disciplined player, he understands what he should do and he is very calm. He grew up as a player in his macro and he can do some shot calls and 90% of them are right. He is very disciplined, I think that's the most important part. What are you guys going to do to celebrate today? Yatoro- Today I'm going to delete Dota and try to get some sleep.  

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  What do you love about your teammate Miposhka? Yatoro- Everything (laughs). What do you love about your teammates in general? Miposhka- I love how we can all make some jokes (laughs). It's always nice to take some time with each other. We can do things other than play Dota. I also like that everyone of us is always trying to find something new in Dota and to keep practice. In a previous interview, Mira rated your form at DreamLeague Season 21 as a 6/10. Do you have a new number now that the Grand Finals is in your hands? Miposhka- I actually don't know, it's hard to me to rate our team. I think we'll always say that we are 5 or 6 out of 10, but we'll never be 10 out of 10 until we win TI again. But right now, I would say we're a 7. Yatoro, what's going to be your haircut for this TI? Yatoro- I think I'm going to change the color and cut it a bit, but not too much. You mentioned the secret Ursa build. Now that the tournament is over, can you reveal it? Yatoro- I think it's Octarine Core, upgraded Eul's, Strength Blink and Aghanim's. So you can fight with a 15% reduced damage, but we never tried. Why not? Yatoro- Because it's a trash hero. (laughs)
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