Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals – Everything you need to know

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Tekken 7 is going out with a bang. The last tournament of the now nearly fourteen-year-old game is coming this weekend with the Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals. Twenty players from all over the globe will fight for a chance to win the last Tekken 7 competition before Tekken 8 comes out on January the 26th.  

Last Chance Qualifier

  On the 12th of January, the last available slot for the main event will be up for grabs. Over 300 players are going to attend the Last Chance Qualifier in New Orleans, but only one of them can make it to the Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals. Players will be divided into eight pools, dueling until only 24 are left (three from each pool). Top 24 will be whittled down until there are only eight players left, leaving us with the last part of the Qualifier, a double elimination bracket. The victorious player will be the 20th participant of the Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals.  

Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals

  The Global Finals are a culmination of more than half a decade of history for these players. We have three returning champs, all with a chance to be the only one to win two World Tours in Tekken 7. Seven years after the first edition, Tekken World Tour is about to end the Tekken 7 era with one of the most stacked tournaments in the history of the game. The winner of the Last Chance Qualifier will join the top 19 players in the TWT leaderboard. These are:  

Tekken World TourImage via Liquipedia

Virtually all top Tekken 7 players are here, including Rangchu, Chikurin and Atif, the last three TWT winners.  

Format and Prizepool

  The format is split in two parts: a Group Stage and a Double Elimination Playoffs. 20 players will be divided into four groups of five and play a single-round robin of BO3 matches. The top two placements from each group make it to Top 8. Each of the top four ranked players will to go a different group (Arslan Ash, Ulsan, CBM, JeonDDing). The Double Elimination Knockout Stage is also BO3 series, with the exception of the Winner's, Loser's and Grand Finals, which will be BO5 matches. Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals will take place in the Civic Theater in New Orleans, between the 12th and 14th of January. The winner takes home $50,000 USD, half of the entire prizepool, and the last ever Tekken 7 title. Who's heading into Tekken 8 as a champion?
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