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The ESH Seven- LoL games to watch 09/02/23-14/02/23

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  Welcome  to a new weekly feature from Esportsheaven, The ESH Seven. Every Tuesday we'll go over the most exciting matches to watch of the following week. We'll pick seven games from the four major regions, a game/series a day, to make the ridiculous amount of LoL there is available to watch easier to follow! Although this first one is coming out on a Wednesday, this will be a weekly series that comes out every Tuesday to get you ready for the following week. Let's begin with the games between February 9th to 14th.  

KT vs DK (LCK)

  The LCK right now is an exciting mess. What started off as a T1/DK domination as been completely turned on its head by a week filled with upsets. Neither of these two teams are undefeated anymore, and new contenders have risen up. KT Rolster has been one of the most inconsistent teams in the region, but they always seem to level up their game against stronger opposition. Their series against T1 is living proof of this. On the other hand, Dplus Kia have looked extremely impressive in most of their series, but were entirely dismantled by GEN G in their latest match. I do expect a Damwon win, especially with how much better Canyon is than Cuzz, but Showmaker has been underperforming and Kiin might have Canna's number. Don't miss out on the action:  Twitch and Youtube on the 9th of February, 8AM GMT/ 3AM EST.  


  Flyquest have been dominating the LCS so far. The new Papasmithy project has looked unbeatable, despite having theoretically already faced their fiercest opponents in Cloud9 and Team Liquid. A win in this upcoming match against Evil Geniuses will complete the trifecta of beating the strongest teams in the League without breaking a sweat. Or can Evil Geniuses get back to form and stop them in their tracks? Catch the game on Twitch or Youtube on the 9th of February, 11PM GMT/ 6PM EST.  

KT Rolster vs GEN (LCK)

  You already know what my thoughts on KT are, and my logic remains the same here. GEN.G are on an upswing, especially coming off of an impressive 2-0 against DK, but they are mortal. Peyz is still a very new player who can get caught off in weird positions, BDD has enough experience to be able to handle Chovy and Kiin is the right player to exploit Doran's mistakes. Again, this should be a GEN.G win on paper, but the LCK has showed us that Spring 2023 is throwing the paper right out of the window. Twitch and Youtube on the 11th of February, 8AM GMT/ 3AM EST.  


  No, I didn't forget about the LPL, their spiciest matchups are just coming later on in the week. And, boy, is this one going to be exciting. Before we get into it though, let me remind you that the LPL standings don't mean as much as in other regions. Very few matches have been played, they've had Lunar New Year break in the middle and they have 17 teams, so most rosters haven't faced each other. Weibo Gaming versus JDG will unavoidably be an incredible series though. The sheer talent that will be on display here is unbelievable. TheShy vs 369, Karsa and Xiaohu vs Kanavi and Knight, Light and Crisp vs Ruler and MISSING. JDG are heading into this series as overwhelming favourites, but the individual ceiling on WBG will always make them a dangerous opponent. And, let's be honest, even if it is a JDG 2-0, there is no way in hell there aren't some highlight-worthy plays with the amount of talent on the Rift. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this: Twitch and Youtube on the 11th of February, 11AM GMT/ 6AM EST  


  This is a matchup that would've been much less exciting if you had asked me about it a couple weeks ago. Dplus Kia kicked their season off looking unbeatable and Hanwha Life Esports were looking like yet another example of a failed super-team. This week though, it's a whole different story. DK were dismantled by GEN and HLE put on a show against the previously undefeated T1. The team actually looked like a coherent unit and the talent that had always been there on paper, actually showed up on the Rift. HLE did go back to looking much worse against DRX though, so this might be another DK 2-0. But, much like the LPL series I've just mentioned, even a 2-0 sweep should be exciting to watch with the player matchups we'll see. Showmaker vs Zeka and Deft vs Viper are two duels that cannot disappoint. Twitch and Youtube on the 12th of February, 6AM GMT/ 1AM EST.


  We'll finish off the week with another LPL banger. Invictus Gaming have been a pleasant surprise for LPL viewers this season. The quite young roster has put on some impressive performances against their opposition. In 5 series, they've won 4 of them 2-0 and lost a single series 1-2 against WE. Their opponents for the day are on a whole other level, though. TES did lose some of their talent during the offseason, but they got Rookie. Tian is a very up and down player and JackeyLove is, well, Jackeylove, but this roster is still incredibly dangerous. They are 3-1 in series, with their only loss being at the hands of Weibo Gaming. Can Dove keep his performance against Rookie? Can the rookie star YSKM destroy fellow rookie Qingtian? Don't miss it: Twitch and Youtube on the 14th of February, 9AM GMT/ 4AM EST  

MAD vs G2 (LEC)

  Okay, this is a weird one. As you probably know, LEC has a new format this year. It is quite different from what every other region is doing, so here's a refresher if you need it. They're kicking off the Winter Group Stage this weekend with the BO3 matches. This means that the matchup that I am hyping up in this article, isn't actually 100% set in stone. On Sunday, Feb 12 MAD Lions will face Astralis and G2 will face BDS. The theoretical matchup that I want to talk about will happen if both favourites win their BO3s, which will give us the glorious MAD vs G2 BO3 showdown on Monday. If you've been following the LEC, you know why this is an exciting matchup. G2 only lost 3 Bo1s, and one of those was against MAD Lions. The role matchups here are also incredible exciting. We'll be able to see Yike and Caps vs Elyoya and Nisqy, with a spicy Mikyx vs Hylissang duel in the bot lane. Will MAD Lions get the best of G2 yet again, or are the kings of Europe just too good in series? Bask in the glory of how good Bo3s are on Twitch and Youtube on the 13th of February, ~7PM GMT/ ~2PM EST. (Starting times aren't exact for this one. If the first series of the day goes to 3 games it will likely start an hour later).  
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