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The International 2023 Regional Qualifiers dates have been revealed

EsportsHeaven 2023-06-23 06:53:49

The International 2023 Regional Qualifiers dates have been revealed by Valve in their latest blog post. As per the blog, the dates for The International Regional Qualifiers are as follows:
  • North America & China: August 17th-21st (1 slot each)
  • South America & Eastern Europe: August 22nd-26th (2 slots for South America, 1 slot for Eastern Europe)
  • Southeast Asia & Western Europe: August 27th-31st (2 slots for Western Europe, 1 slot for Southeast Asia)

Valve's new vision for Dota 2: No more Battle Pass

The International Regional Qualifiers: China gets 1 slot while South America gets 2 slots

  In a surprising turn of events, Valve has decided to turn things around a bit. China gets only one slot for TI12 whereas South America is awarded with two slots. It is quite a welcome change considering the downward trajectory Chinese Dota 2 has been in the past year, including at The International, and has failed to achieve considerable results and are lacking inflow of young and emerging talents, having to rely on imports to strengthen their roster. On the other hand, the rise of South American Dota 2 has been a pleasant treat to the eyes. Seeing them emerge from the shadows of their Northern compatriots, who at one point, used to look down upon them, is simply delightful. North America gets one slot; a region where esports, especially Dota, as a whole is not really thriving. Southeast Asia also gets one slot owing to their dismal performance in the current DPC season as compared to the previous year where SEA thrived in the DPC and at international events. Eastern Europe gets one slot whereas Western Europe gets two slots. WEU is the most popular region and boasts of the strongest teams in the game. On the other hand, EEU has decent firepower but lack the charisma to stay on top -- a fact visible through their performance at international events. The International 2023 regional qualifiers dates

Only eight teams will qualify through The International Regional Qualifiers

Eighteen teams will meet in Indonesia for the third and final showdown of the 2023 DPC: The Bali Major. At the end of The Bali Major, a total of twelve teams will secure their spots at the coveted The International 2023. Five teams, namely, Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, Evil Geniuses, Shopify Rebellions and Tundra Esports have already secured their berth at the crown jewel Dota 2 event. That leaves only seven spots up for grabs with teams giving their best to grab the opportunity and avoid going through the dreaded regional qualifiers. In the end, only eight teams will proceed through the Regional Qualifiers to TI12.
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