The LCK changes its covid guidelines after criticism.

Mush 2022-03-17 01:44:18
  Fredit BRION were forced to forfeit their match against GenG after two of their substitute players (the entire main roster was already positive) tested positive for Covid. Regions have handled these issues differently, and the LCK seemed to be the one handling it in the worst way. This is the first time a team was forced to forfeit due to positive covid cases, but a lot of matches have included emergency substitutes since players cannot play remotely.  Although this situation with BRO is the worst example so far, the other which has been debated the most is the two series played between T1 and GenG, the top two teams in the League. GEN was forced to play with substitute players on both occasions, with Rascal, Peanut and Lehends missing the first series, and Ruler missing the second one.  These situations hurt the league as a whole and put an asterisk on the entire split. Many have been asking: would T1 be able to maintain this sort of record if they had faced the true GenG roster in both series?  How legitimate is their 16-0 (and possibly 18-0) run if they were facing weaker versions of their opponents? As Montecristo pointed out, these sorts of problems can ruin the competitive aspect of the League, especially when we reach the playoffs. On the 17th of March, just a couple days after the forfeit happened, the LCK followed the example of leagues like the LCS and LPL, which as Raz highlighted, allow players to play remotely in a legitimate environment.  The changes will only affect playoffs, but they’ll at least ensure that every team will be able to field their full roster in the most important stage of the split. Yet, as the announcement points out, technical issues and pauses might be longer and more frequent. We’ll see how it pans out.
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