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The most neglected League of Legends champions for skins

Rashidat Jimoh 2022-11-28 01:46:07
  Since the launch of League of Legends in 2009, Riot has done a stellar job in creating and releasing multiple champion skins and other visual updates for fans. However, some champions still get no attention from Riot despite the number of skin additions the game developers consistently do each year. So who are the champions that deserve those new skins? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the most neglected League of Legends for skins.

Dr Mundo

If there’s any champion in desperate need of new skin, it's none other than Dr. Mundo. Even though Mundo received a rework in 2021 with changes to his kit, it has been 1451 days since he last received a new skin. Mundo’s last new skin ‘Frozen Prince Mundo’ was released in 2018. A League player on Reddit even pointed out that Britain has had three prime ministers resign since the last release of a Mundo skin.  This shows how long it has been since the champion has gotten much cosmetic love from Riot. Even though fans like the VGU and rework done last year, they are still awaiting anxiously for a new Dr Mundo skin.


Udyr is one of the only two champions in the famous exclusive 1000-plus days-without-a-new-skin club. The powerful spirit walker of Freljord has been in and out of favor for junglers in the professional scene. However, he is still yet to receive new cosmetic updates from Riot. Udyr last received a new skin in 2019 and has gone 1,199 days without a new skin. 


Zilean is one of the original champions of League. The former powerful Icathian mage will receive a Winterblessed skin in the upcoming Patch 12.23 which will be released on December 7 after going 1,063 days without a new skin. Despite being released 13 years ago, Zilean just has seven skins which is almost the same amount as Sett who was released in 2020. While the champion is not all too popular among supports and is very niche, it has remained a staple of the scene and is often reliable.

Aurelion Sol

The fourth most neglected League of Legends champion for skins is Aurelion Sol. The Star Forger celestial being only has three skins since his release in 2016. The champion has also gone 786 days without a new skin release. Fortunately for Aurelion Sol fans, Riot is planning several changes to the champion with a complete rework for his abilities scheduled for 2023. However, it is not known whether this rework will come with a new skin.


Yes! You may be surprised to see Kalista on this list but she’s a champion in desperate need of new skins. Kalista was released in 2014 and only has 4 skins with the last released 688 days ago. Kalista became a staple of the 2022 pro play scene and was featured all throughout the year in bot lane. Despite her frequency in games, there have been no new skins for the champion yet. As honourable mentions, Ivern and Kled are also two champions worth mentioning in this list. The pair only have three skins since their release in 2016. It may be hard to make a case for them because they are not among the most popularly played champions. However, if Riot does not give them any cosmetic updates they are likely to join Dr Mundo and Udyr in the exclusive 1,000 days club.  
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