TI10 Fantasy Guide: Main Event, Day Two

EsportsHeaven 2021-10-12 05:24:08
  TI10 Main Event has started off with a bang with an intense series between OG and Team Secret, Team Spirit and Invictus Gaming, and with four teams going home but walking away with ~$600,000 each. Day 2 of the main event is going to be interesting to say the least as we have 4 Bo3’s taking place; two from Upper Bracket and two from Lower Bracket. In the former case, the team which loses will drop down to the lower bracket and in the latter case, the team which loses will get eliminated. Let’s see what we have in store for tomorrow’s Fantasy picks. As a general thumb rule, always bet on players/teams that play the most number of games and in this case, the following teams play the maximum number of games on Day Four:
  • PSG.LGD vs T1
  • Virtus Pro vs Vici Gaming
  • Team Spirit vs Fnatic
  • OG vs Quincy Crew
My approach for tomorrow is going to be pretty simple; have a well diversified group of players from different teams. The best case scenario in either case is that each or any of the series you bet on, need to go to a full best-of-three series, to farm more fantasy points. It’s going to be tough to determine and hence we play it on the stable side. My Fantasy draft picks for tomorrow:
  • Core: Sumail (OG)
  • Core: Raven (Fnatic)
  • Support: DJ (Fnatic)
  • Support: Dy (Vici Gaming)
  • Midlane: Karl (T1)
Sumail (17.49) and Raven (18.63) are absolute beasts as “cores” as they average the highest in fantasy points. I have a feeling that OG and Fnatic’s series will go the full way and thus I am opting for these two. DJ (17.09) and Dy (15.74) are my support picks. DJ is DJ and not having him is a cardinal sin whilst Dy is more of a safe choice. I would have loved to go with Whitemon (17.21) who averages more than Dy but I felt it would be safe to have a player from an additional team on the list. As for midlane, Karl (19.22) is averaging the highest fantasy points right now. If you want to go for an alternative then NothingToSay is always available. One more important point to note are the bonuses via the Gold/Silver cards. Check them out below:
Carry Mid Offlane Soft Support Hard Support
Tower kills / 18.4 Runes grabbed / 17.1 Teamfight / 18.5 Stuns / 18.8 Obs wards / 38.2
Deaths / 14.1 Kills / 13.8 Deaths / 15.5 Obs wards / 18.4 Teamfight / 13.2
Kills / 14.0 Teamfight / 13.0 Stuns / 13.4 Teamfight / 14.8 Camps stacked / 10.9
Teamfight / 12.3 Deaths / 12.4 Kills / 12.9 Camps stacked / 11.0
Stuns / 10.1 Deaths / 10.1
  You can track the source of fantasy points here. Select your cards accordingly as not all Gold/Silver cards without proper bonuses can yield good returns. Have a nice day ahead folks, happy farming.
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