TI11 South America Qualifiers: Schedule, Results

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  TI11 South America Qualifiers for The International 2022 will take place between the 3rd to 7th of September 2022. 12 teams will take part to grab the last three remaining spots to qualify for The International 11 -- the glorious annual Dota 2 World Championship event. In this article, you will find everything related to the upcoming TI11 South America (SA) Qualifiers.  


  • Infamous
  • Tempest
  • Hokori
  • SG Esports
  • No Runes
  • Wolf Team
  • Infinity
  • Ravens
  • Dreamers Esports
  • MAD Kings
  • Qhali
  • Balrogs
The 1st place will directly qualify for The International 2022 (TI11), while 2nd and 3rd place teams will play in the Last Chance Qualifier.


The qualifiers will be held in a double-elimination bracket, with teams being seeded accordingly to their DPC SA 2021/22 Tour 3 performances. The bracket can be found below: TI11 South America Qualifiers  


You can find the complete schedule here. The qualifiers will begin with the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals where four teams will continue in the upper bracket whereas the other four teams will drop to the lower bracket. The opening upper bracket matches are:
  • Infamous vs Ravens
  • No Runes vs SG Esports
  • Hokori vs Wolf Team
  • Infinity vs Tempest


  • 1st place: Qualifies to The International 2022
  • 2nd place: Last Chance Qualifier
  • 3rd place: Last Chance Qualifier


The English broadcast for the qualifiers will be hosted by PGL on their Twitch and  YouTube channels. For community broadcast guidelines, refer to the rules and regulations here. Which team are you rooting for? Which three teams do you think will grab the three remaining spots for the mega Dota 2 event? Be ready for the most intense and epic Dota 2 action in the coming days.
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